Reminder about Meeting on March 30

This is an out of order meeting. We normally have our meetings on the third Thursday of the month. We had cancelled January, February, and March 16 meetings due to weather. We are trying to get a meeting in March. So This Thursday, March 30 at 7:00 PM, we are having a meeting. Please attend.

Albert Rhea is our speaker and his presentation is on bird photography.

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Photo Club March Meeting Re-scheduled for March 30

We have worked out, with Fontenelle Forest, to get in a March meeting. We will meet Thursday, March 30, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM. Please try to come. See previous post about our speaker Albert Rhea.

I want to apologize for the short notice and obvious wrong call for cancelling the March 16 meeting. At the time snow was coming down pretty hard. Our speaker was concerned about his ability to get out of his neighborhood if the streets were icy. Yes we could of actually had the meeting as the weather cleared up. Safety of our members was the main concern. Sometimes you are damned if you do or damned if you don’t. I do beg you all for your understanding.

Would a phone tree work to avoid this in the future? Comment below.

Bellevue Library Photo Display

We need your “monuments” photos for the library. Bring them to the meeting.

Forest Photo Display

Members of the club executive board will be working with forest staff on how best to display our photos at the forest in the hallway leading to meeting room. More info to come.

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March 16 Meeting Reminder

Please remember to come to our March 16 photo club meeting at 7:00 PM. Visitors are welcome. Check out the “Upcoming Events” at the bottom of the website home page for directions to the Fontenelle Forest.

Guest Speaker – Albert Rhea

His subject is Bird Photography. Albert currently has an exhibition at Lauritzen Gardens through April 2, 2023,

Treasurer’s Report

From Kathleen: Beginning and ending balance for February 2023 is $1178.59. No income and no expenses. December dinner expenses still pending.

Bellevue Library Display

We need “Monument(s)” photos. Bring them to the meeting

Nikon This Month

Tory Ewing sends us this;

Click on Nikon

Capture Emotion

Click on Emotion

Thanks Tory.

National Wildlife Photo Contest

Entry fee required

Kathleen sends us a reminder

National Wildlife link

Tips and Tricks Video

Final Thoughts

Congratulations if you have gotten this far in the post/blog. It takes some time to put this info together. Thanks to Tory Ewing and Kathleen Crawford-Rose for contributing to this post. You too can send me things you think might be of interest to our members and the world. This can include your photos that I can spotlight for you.

Don’t forget about our photo portfolios. You can display your photos. You can include your own watermarks. You have to send them to me for now as I haven’t figured out how to set up the site for you to upload to it. Send your photos to webmaster I have put in general watermarks on the photos submitted so far. Check it out at this link .

Please leave any comments below if you have any questions or if you are volunteering to be our president and/or vice-president.

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March 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM is our next meeting

This is when our next meeting at the Forest will be held. Of course weather is a concern. We had to cancel our last two meetings because of the snow storms. Fingers crossed!

Photo Displays

We need “Monument” photos for the the Bellevue Library.

The Display at the forest has come down. The forest is remodeling the Baright Gallery. The forest is giving us wall space in the hallway between the Atrium and the Forest Room where we meet. We need your thoughts about a subject, such as birds, flowers, plants,…etc. for our hallway gallery. By our agreement with the Fontenelle Forest, photo images must feature themes that can be found in nature (ideally Fontenelle Forest specific), but not mandatory.

Photo Club Photo Contest info

Bellevue University is having an employee art show. This will impact our photo contest display. Here is a schedule:

Setup: – Saturday June 10, 2023

Critique: – Thursday, June 15

Take down: – Saturday, July 8

It will be slightly less time hanging in the gallery but we didn’t have a choice due to the University’s in-house art show.

Albert Rhea

Albert will be our speaker for the March 16 meeting. Albert’s subject will be bird photography. Albert is having an artist reception at Lauritzen Gardens March 5th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. The reception is free admission. His exhibit will be at the garden February 23 through April 2. Albert says it would be a great lead-in for his presentation at our upcoming meeting on March 16.

Photo Contest

Kathleen sends us info about a photo contest from the National Wildlife Federation. This is a fee based contest.

Love is in the air! February often brings cold weather, but we hope the tender gaze of this mating pair of Atlantic puffins warms your heart.Photographs like this one, which came to National Wildlife magazine through our annual photo contest, can evoke powerful emotions—from love and compassion to fear and wonder. We want to see it all, so we encourage you to enter your images of wildlife and nature in our 2023 contest. Please enter today for your chance to win.Enter Today! By entering, you may have the chance to see your favorite image of wildlife or nature published in our award-winning magazine and shared widely online. Winners will receive cash prizes. The grand prize winner will be honored with the National Wildlife Nature’s Witness Award and receive $5,000. The winner of our portfolio category will receive $750. In each of the eight additional categories, first place wins $500 and second place wins $250. Photo contest entrants are also eligible for the People’s Choice Award. Anyone 13+ years of age can get in on the fun and vote.Even more important, the modest entry fee supports the conservation work of the National Wildlife Federation, which is dedicated to ensuring that wildlife survive and thrive. So your entry is a gift of love to all creatures that share our world. And if you choose to donate your image, that gift goes even farther to support conservation. We will love seeing your photographs of wildlife from around the globe or your own backyard, so please enter today.Good luck, and Happy February! Lisa Moore   Sincerely,Lisa Moore
Editorial Director, National Wildlife Magazine

Here is a link to their website

Bird Photography Tips

Around a 14 minute video. There is an advertisement by the authors.

In Closing

We still need to get a president and vice-president for our club. Please consider volunteering.

That’s about all for now. I will post another reminder about the meeting before March 16. If you have any thing you want to know more about please comment below. Or send an email to the webmaster

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Another Meeting Cancelled Due to Storm, February 16, 2023

Is there a black cloud hanging over our photo club? Two cancellations in two months. After discussion with Kathleen about this and it’s worse in Bellevue, the photo club meeting is cancelled. I had my fingers crossed. I’d rather be on the safe side.

Please let your close meeting partners know about cancellation. We have been experiencing some members not getting the word when something new is posted. Kathleen is going to email members also. I will attempt to let the forest and our speaker know too!

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February 16, 2023 Meeting

Don’t forget to come to our February 16 meeting. It is on a Thursday and starts at 7:00 PM. Brad Williams will be our guest speaker for this meeting. Hopefully there will be no snow to contend with. I hope to see everyone there.

About Brad Williams

The Short Story:
I am an Omaha, NE based Photographer who loves to photograph Landscapes, Cityscapes, Architecture, Wildlife, and Railroads. I strive to show every subject in its best light.

To see the long story check out Brad’s website .

Fontenelle Forest Photo Display changes

The Forest has started renovating the Baright Gallery. The forest has removed our display racks. They are storing them. Kathleen has taken the photos to her house and is storing them for now. We are being given the hallway walls leading into the big room we meet in. We need suggestions for our first display subject. How about “Spring in the Forest” or “Fontenelle Forest Tree Species”. And get a plan of how we will arrange them. We can use our contest sign till June. So do we need to order a new sign? Kathleen will tell us about the need to make a new one.

Treasurer’s Report

Jan. 31, 2023 Balance is $1178.59

We had no expenses or income.

Upcoming expenses will be from the December potluck.  Please bring your receipts.


Tory Ewing sent us some info from NIKON.

Go to this link NIKON

NIKON Photo Contest

Short video about NIKON’s Contest

Go to this link Contest . Thanks Tory

Still need a President and Vice-President

Enough said on this.

Please comment below if I have forgotten anything, which is probable. Or bring it up at the meeting on Thursday.


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January 19, 2023 Meeting Cancelled

The Executive Board has decided that Thursday, January 19, 2023 meeting at Fontenelle Forest is cancelled. This is due to the snow storm that is coming on Wednesday and Thursday. Our scheduled speaker cannot make the meeting either. Kathleen should be be sending out emails to all our members of this notification also. See you in February.

Bellevue Library Display

The Dyes wants to remind all that they need more “Monuments” photos for the Bellevue Library display. Please bring to the February 16th meeting.

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Meeting on January 19 and Pictures for Forest and Auctioned at Fundraiser

Upcoming meeting January 19, 2023

Our meeting will be at the forest and start at 7:00 PM. Albert Rhea will be our guest speaker. Below is a biography and an artist statement from Albert. His subject will be on bird photography.

Member Photos Auctioned Off.

Photos by Donna Gray and Kathleen Crawford-Rose


Child”s Hollow

The above photos taken by Donna Gray and were auctioned at fundraiser “Feather Our Nest”

This color photo was printed on the card sent out for the Forest’s fundraiser campaign “Feather Our Nest”

The Owl photo was taken by Kathleen Crawford-Rose. It was auctioned off too!

Congratulations to Donna and Kathleen!

Wildlife Photography Video

This is about 11 minutes long. Very interesting.

That’s about it for now. Please comment below or email questions to webmaster

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