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Correction to initial post for Displays.

You are receiving this information now so that you have plenty of time to take and decide which photos you want to enter in this year’s digital contest.  The contest date for submission of photos will be September 1 – 12, 2021.  Please do not submit anything before that date.  The critique and awards will follow during the regular October meeting date.

Thanks Donna for correcting me!

I hope everyone’s summer has been fun. With the heat I am ready for fall. I want to remind everyone to get their photos ready for the photo contest. We plan to have our photos critiqued by our judge at the October 21 meeting. Information and rules for the contest can be found at the link Contest . No Zoom call at this time.

Bellevue Library

The Bellevue Library is now showing our photos. Judy’s team put them up on July 21. “Pink” is the theme. I hope you all can go take a look at these photos. Very nice!

I would like to change the slideshow on our homepage. Those of you who have submitted photos for the “Pink” theme, would you also email me the files for your photos. Email to webmaster .

Fontenelle Forest

We are assigning a summer project (Forest theme) to our members. We want you to come to the forest and take photos anywhere in the forest. Anything goes! Take flora, fauna or landscapes. Go abstract if you like. You can submit older photos you may have already of the forest. We will collect your pictures at the September 16, 2021 club meeting. I would like our members who submit forest photos for our display at the forest to email me your photo files. Send them to webmaster . I will add them to the homepage slideshow along with the “Pink” photos.

Woodland Photography

Here is a video with 5 tips for taking picture in the forest!

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