• 2022 FF title page
  • 3 Margaret West

    Contemplating the Future, Margaret West

    1st Place Advanced Animals and BEST OF SHOW

  • 2 Margaret West

    Oregonian Flower, Margaret West

    Oregonian Flower

  • 80 Margaret West

    Seascapes, Margaret West

    Honorable Mention Advanced Landscapes

  • 1 Margaret West

    Sunrise in the Namibian Desert, Margaret West

    Honorable Mention Advanced Landscape

  • 5 Larry West

    Blue Heron at Heron Haven, Larry West

    Advanced Animals

  • 4 Larry West

    Barred Owl Blue Hour, Larry West

    Advance Animals

  • 7 Larry West

    Moon Rising, Larry West

    Advanced Landscapes

  • 6 Larry West

    Desert Elephants/Namibia, Larry West

    Advanced Animals

  • 8 Terry Turner

    Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Terry Turner

    3rd Place Advanced Animals

  • 11 Terry Turner

    Kilimanjaro, Terry Turner

    Advanced Landscapes

  • 9 Terry Turner

    Feeding Time, Terry Turner

    Advanced Animals

  • 10 Terry Turner

    Don't Tell them I am Here, Terry Turner

    Advanced Animals

  • 12 Donna Turner

    Yellow Tulips, Donna Turner

    1st Place Advanced Flora

  • 15 Donna Turner

    Hungry Hummer, Donna Turner

    2nd Place Advanced Animals

  • 14 Donna Turner

    Columbine in Circle, Donna Turner

    2nd Place Anything Goes

  • 13 Donna Turner

    Lone Tulip, Donna Turner

    Best Black and White

  • 19 Donna Gray

    Red Winged Blackbird, Donna Gray

    Advanced Animals

  • 18 Donna Gray

    Infinity Tulip, Donna Gray

    3rd Place Anything Goes

  • 16 Donna Gray

    American Kestrel, Donna Gray

    Advanced Animals

  • 17 Donna Gray

    A Bee In Every Dimension, Donna Gray

    Anything Goes

  • 21 Kathleen Crawford-Rose

    Orange Orchid, Kathleen Crawford-Rose

    3rd Place Advanced Flora

  • 20 Kathleen Crawfore-Rose

    Red Tail Hawk, Kathleen Crawford-Rose

    Advanced Animals-Fontenelle Forest

  • 22 Allen Vrana

    Dwarf Crested Iris, Allen Vrana

    Honorable Mention Advanced Flora

  • 24 Mary Headley

    Hummingbird, Mary Headley

    3rd Place Novice Animals

  • 26 Mary Headley

    Flight, Mary Headley

    Honorable Mention Anything Goes

  • 25 Mary Headley

    Coopers Hawk, Mary Headley

    1st Place Novice Animals

  • 23 Mary Headley

    Beach Cairns, Mary Headley

    1st Place Novice Landscapes

  • 28 Brent Headley

    Eagle, Brent Headley

    Advanced Animals

  • 27 Brent Headley

    Other Planets, Brent Headley

    Advanced Landscapes

  • 29 Brent Headley

    Ice, Brent Headley

    Honorable Mention Anything Goes

  • 32 Emmett Egr

    Watchful, Emmett Egr

    Advanced Animals

  • 31 Emmett Egr

    St Francis Mission, Emmett Egr

    Anything Goes

  • 30 Emmett Egr

    Sandhills Wetland, Emmett Egr

    Advanced Landscapes

  • 33 Emmett Egr

    Golden Hour, Emmett Egr

    Honorable Mention Advanced Landscapes

  • 34 Jean Lindfors

    The Secret, Jean Lindfors

    Anything Goes

  • 37 Jean Lindfors

    Dear Jean, Jean Lindfors

    2nd Place Novice Flora

  • 36 Jean Lindfors

    May Glo, Jean Lindfors

    3rd Place Novice Flora

  • 35 Jean Lindfors

    Night Ruler (Iris), Jean Lindfors

    1st Place Novice Flora

  • 40 Jason Bowers

    Black-Eyed Susan, Jason Bowers

    Honorable Mention Novice Flora

  • 39 Jason Bowers

    Silverton, Jason Bowers

    Novice Landscapes

  • 41 Jason Bowers

    Screech at Fontenelle Forest, Jason Bowers

    2nd Place Novice Animals

  • 38 Jason Bowers

    American Bison, Jason Bowers

    Novice Animals Black and White

  • 42 Wayne Brill

    Woody, Wayne Brill

    Advanced Animals

  • 43 Wayne Brill

    Lily, Wayne Brill

    Advanced Flora

  • 45 Tory Ewing

    Sprague Lake Stream Rocky Mountain NP, Tory Ewing

    Advanced Landscapes

  • 46 Tory Ewing


    Honorable Mention Advanced Landscapes

  • 44 Tory Ewing

    Giraffes at Omaha Zoo, Tory Ewing

    Advanced Animals

  • 47Allen Kurth

    Ring Neck Pheasant, Allen Kurth

    Advanced Animal

  • 48 Linda Schuett

    Lonesome Pelican, Linda Schuett

    Advanced Animals

  • 50 Linda Schuett

    Juvenile Eagle, Linda Schuett

    Advanced Animals

  • 51 Linda Schuett

    Dried Seeds, Linda Schuett

    Advanced Flora

  • 49 Linda Schuett

    Corntrooper, Linda Schuett

    Anything Goes

  • 52 Linnea Baney

    Snowy Owl, Linnea Baney

    Advanced Animals

  • 53 Linnea Baney

    Red Headed Woodpecker, Linnea Baney

    Honorable Mention Advanced Animals

  • 54 Linnea Baney

    Eagles Dancing, Linnea Baney

    Advanced Animals

  • 55 Linnea Baney

    Happy Fisherman, Linnea Baney

    Anything Goes

  • 56 Howard Carson

    Drifter, Howard Carson

    Advanced Animals

  • 57 Howard Carson

    Serene Stillness, Howard Carson

    Honorable Mention Advanced Animals

  • 58 Howard Carson

    Dust Storm, Howard Carson

    1st Place Anything Goes

  • 59 Howard Carson

    Untouched (Pink Dahlia), Howard Carson

    1st Place Advanced Flora

  • 60 Diane Kinney

    Moving Along, Diane Kinney

    Honorable Mention Advanced Animals

  • 61 Diane Kinney

    Deep Thoughts Canyon, Diane Kinney

    Advanced Landscapes

  • 62 Diane Kinney

    Peace Candles, Diane Kinney

    Anything Goes

  • 63 Lorraine Feldhausen

    Fleeting Milkweed Moment, Lorraine Feldhausen

    Anything Goes

  • 64 Lorraine Feldhausen

    Feeding Time, Lorraine Feldhausen

    Advanced Animals

  • 65 Lorraine Feldhausen

    Gardens are for the Birds (Oriole), Lorraine Feldhausen

    Honorable Mention Advanced Animals

  • 66 Lorraine Feldhausen

    Tulip Time, Lorraine Feldhausen

    Advanced Flora

  • 67 Keith White

    Teton Reflection, Keith White

    Advanced Scenic

  • 68 Keith White

    Tri Color Nature, Keith White

    Advanced Scenic

  • 69 Keith White

    Grand Teton Majesty, Keith White

    Advanced Scenic

  • 70 Sue Mininni

    Burst of Color, Sue Mininni

    Advanced Flora

  • 71 Sue Minnini

    Coneflower, Sue Minnini

    Advanced Flora

  • 72 Sue Mininni

    Orchids, Sue Mininni

    Advanced Flora

  • 73 Sue Minnini

    Purple Something, Sue Minnini

    Advanced Flora

  • 74 Patrick Keefe

    “High Flying Flag” - Patrick Keefe

    Anything Goes

  • 75 Richard Keefe

    Big Wheels, Richard Keefe

    Anything Goes

  • 76 Tom Boggs

    Crags from Ranger Lakes, Tom Boggs

    Peoples Choice Advanced Landscapes

  • 77 Tom Boggs

    Sunset at the Lake, Tom Boggs

    2nd Place Advanced Scenic

  • 78 Tom Boggs

    Approaching Storm, Tom Boggs

    3rd Place Advanced Scenic

  • 79 Tom Boggs

    Forrest Light, Tom Boggs

    1st Place, Members Choice Adv Landscapes - Best Fontenelle

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