How to Use Gallery

  • Submit a photo to webmaster
  • Indicate the photo is for the Gallery
  • You will get your own page, by name, that will have your photo(s) statically displayed
  • Indicate if you want to display a single photo in the “Under the Microscope” page for comments by anyone to suggest what could be done to improve your photo.
  • The distinction between “Under the Microscope” and “Gallery” photos is; only one photo would be posted in “Under the Microscope” under your name. It is for critiquing by others. Under “Gallery”>Your Name page is to show off photos you want to display your most proud of. Both types will have a comments box at the bottom of the page.
  • It is recommended to submit only one photo at a time for “Under the Microscope”. When you feel you have had enough comments for that photo, contact the webmaster to remove that photo. You can then submit another one for the page, under your name.

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