April 21 Meeting Reminder

The photo club will meet this Thursday at 7:00 PM. There will not be a Zoom call for this meeting due to technical issues with the WiFi at the Forest.

Donna Turner will be our speaker

Donna will discuss her unique photos and the process she takes putting them all together. Like the image below.

Donna Turner Poppies Galore Anything Goes

Forest Photo Display

Bring your raptor photos that have been taken at the Forest. Judy and her team will hang them up at the Forest’s display racks. Don’t forget! if you do or the photos are not yet printed Judy will accept them after the meeting, just arrange with her or Frank to get them to her.

Blending in Photoshop

Here is a short tutorial on blending two images in Photoshop

That is all for now. Please comment below. We can discuss at our meeting about future photo displays, what was discussed between the board and the Forest, Changes with our photo contest and much more. Thanks for your support!


March 17, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest
Attendees:Number in attendance-in person was 19 and on Zoom there were technical issues so had to shut it down. There will be no Zoom meeting in April, only in-person. The meeting was being recorded to be posted on YouTube.

Agenda items

  1. Welcome by President Phil Mininni.
  2. New members: None

Judy and Frank: They have enough of the sunrise and sunset pics for the library. Please bring pictures of Raptors from the previous photo shoots if you have any to the April meeting or any photos taken at the Forest for use at future Forest displays.

Kathleen: Treasurer’s report: amount in Treasury is: $1476.67

Brent: Apologized for last meetings mess up on zoom

Sue: Nothing to report

Donna Gray: Contest still on at Bellevue Univ. See rules and dates on our website.

Kathy Holm: Nothing to report

  1. Our speaker was Jay Davis who was a past president of our club. He talked about commercial photography. He used to a studio in downtown Omaha at the Hot Shops but now works out of his home. His presentation was very interesting. He showed some wonderful photos.
  2. Thanks to Phil and Sue Mininni, Brent and Mary Headley and Keith White for the treats tonight.
  3. Next month, April 21 Donna Turner is going to show us some of her post processing skills.
  4. Bellevue Times-They posted about our club and information like when we meet, etc.
  5. Forest partnership with the photo club- Another meeting will be set up with them to discuss some issues we still have.

Treats for the April meeting will be provided by: Linda Schuett and Linnea Baney. Thank you in advance.

Submitted by Club Secretary:

Sue Mininni

We Need Your Help!

Donna Gray has had to resign to take care of personal issues at her home. She will not be able to continue as our Photo Contest coordinator. We need to find one or two volunteers to take the reins of the contest coming up in May/June.

Donna writes;

I must apologize for the timing this close to the annual contest in May.  I will certainly help whoever takes over the contest duties, as much as I can from home.  I can forward past records and the name of the contact person at Bellevue University.   Jay Davis has agreed to be the judge and someone will need to touch base with him to coordinate activities.

Please contact the webmaster if you are interested. You can also comment below your willingness to help your club out.


March 17, 2022 Club Meeting Video

Our March 17 meeting was recorded and is now on YouTube. We still experienced difficulties with the Forest’s WiFi. And the recorded audio was experiencing some echoing. Jay Davis was our speaker. His presentation is on commercial and architectural photography. It was a very interesting discussion.

Thanks to Jay!


Raptor Photos for Forest Display

Greetings Photographers.

We are planning to gather  raptor photos for our next display at the Forest Nature Center.  These should be photos taken at one of our many photo shoots at FF or at one of their raptor programs.  They have a large selection of birds in their aviary and education program.  Please pick out a couple of your great shots to bring to our next meeting. April!

Same requirements as usual.  No mats or frames.  Sizes 8×10, 8×12 or 12×14.  Boarder less if possible.

When Things Go Wrong

I must apologize for the unmitigated disaster of our last club’s meeting. In theory it should of worked well. Unfortunately, it didn’t. First of all I want to make it clear it was not because of our presenter, Allen Kurth. Allen, Kathleen and I did a test run on line and it worked out excellently. If we all had been on the Zoom call and not in person it would have worked out. I am reminded how well it went when Peter did his presentation during a Zoom only meeting . Thank you to Allen for trying.

First of all, the wireless internet connection was terrible. Next, was the lack of good audio volume for those of us that attended the meeting live at the forest. And our digital projector’s display was not large enough for us at the forest to see clearly enough of what Allen was doing. And lastly it was my fault for not anticipating the troubles we experienced at the meeting. It was clearly a waste of your time to attend this meeting. That is on me and I am sorry. If we try this again, I recommend that the next president do a Zoom only meeting.

Thanks to Kyle, Brent, and Kathleen for their help with the meeting.

March 17, 2022 Photo Club Meeting.

Jay Davis will be our guest speaker and will do a presentation on Architectural and Commercial photography. Jay is another past president of the club. Jay’s website has information about Jay and Jay’s business.

We will attempt to do an in-person meeting and a zoom call at the same time. We will have Jay’s laptop connected to our projector and we will have Kyle on the camera looking at the projector’s display screen.

We may have Jay share his screen with the zoom participants for better visuals.

Camera for Sale

From Alan Brodin:

I am in the process of converting to Mirrorless cameras and am starting to sell off some of my DSLR equipment.

I have a Nikon D500 in Like New condition with less than 12,000 shutter releases with a battery grip I am selling for $1,000. I have all the original box, packaging, charger, and battery. See attached.

I will also have 2 Nikon D750’s to sell once my new Z9 gets here.

Please contact the webmaster for Alan's contact information if you are interested.


Field Trip

Would any of you be interested in a Zoom only meeting? And if I can get Allen to agree to show us what we attempted to do at the last meeting, perhaps we can have a successful presentation. This would be on a different night from our regular 3rd Thursday of the month. Think of it as a field trip on line. Please comment below or contact your webmaster if you would like to participate.


Allen was attempting to give us some help post editing photos at the February meeting. Photoshop can be as easy as you need or as hard as you make it. I find myself in the middle. The video below has a lot of info for the 13 minute length. I recommend you pause the video at each subject and have your Photoshop program loaded and play with the tool shown, then move on.

YouTube is a resource with hundreds if not thousands of tutorials for learning Photoshop.

I have a goal to be able to take out a person in a photo and insert a different person in place of original person. What are yours?

That’s It

I will close for now and hope for better times to be achieved for all of you. Please leave a comment below on what you thought of today’s post.


February 17, 2022 Meeting Minutes

In one of my last posts there was confusion in what I said and what the meeting minutes provided by the secretary wrote. Someone thought the secretary wrote that some members were still a bit skittish attending in person at our club meeting. These were my words not the Secretary. Please observe the title of the section in posts that I submit to the website. On this post I have only included the minutes from the February meeting so there should not be any confusion.

If there are any changes or modifications needed, please comment below!


Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest

Agenda items

  1. Welcome by President Phil Mininni.
  2. New members: None

Changes are being made at the Forest that may affect our photo displays. 1. They are remodeling. 2. The Baright gallery may be going away. 3. A place for our photos will definitely change.

The Forest wants to display only photos taken at the forest which may limit our photo taking. We took a small vote and about 19 members disagreed with this and about 3 members agreed. It isn’t easy for all members to walk the forest property due to physical limitations. Members suggested some of the following:

*This is an unreasonable request

*We do what they ask because they allow us to use the facility for free.

*We pick the subject for the forest display.

*If we can’t get many forest shots then in our display maybe highlight 3 photos of the forest within the other photos on display.

*Do a “four seasons of the forest” display.

*Display the photos of the Forest that were entered in our Photo contest whether they were a winner or not.

Maybe as members shoot photos of the forest or at our raptor shoots, create a folder on your computer and keep all forest pictures together so they are readily available when we ask for them for our display.

Judy and Frank: Accepted photos of sunrise/sunset for Library display. Holding off on hoof stock photos for the forest until it is worked out or understood exactly what the Forest wants displayed. Phil will set up a meeting with them again to discuss. Also, if you want to sell any of your photos that are on display there is a sign that says ask at the desk and then they contact the photographer with the buyer information.

The library is moving to the area of the corner of Cornhusker and Fort Crook Road amongst the businesses located there. No date yet on when the move is to occur.

Kathleen: Treasurer’s report: amount in Treasury is: $1464.67


Sue: A member suggested to Phil that the responsibilities of the Secretary of the photo club are very lax in content. I try to record the information being provided and discussed. This is a small club with 57 members, all of whom do not attend, and sometime the content of discussion is very minimal and I will not apologize for how I do this task, but at any time if I have missed something or typed any content incorrectly any member is welcomed and encouraged to mention it for submission or correction. Thank you.

Donna Gray:

Kathy Holm: Kathy had sent Phil a suggestion on how to attract young people to join was to see if the Forest would have a lower membership fee for young people and maybe our club could offer a student membership rate.

Bellevue Times

We have our meeting info posted on the calendar in the Times. Thanks to Kathleen for working with the editor.

Forest partnership with the photo club

The forest is excited about the club’s potential participation in more of the activities the forest holds during the year.

  1. Walking tours
  2. Photographing events
  3. Giving photo hints to their members, i.e., on walking tours

Flora and fauna


  1. Possible night walks
  1. Our speaker tonight was past president and current member, Alan Kurth showed us some of his workflow of post processing photos using Lightroom and Photoshop. Unfortunately, it did not go as well as planned due to the technical issues. Maybe in the future Alan can present again in person at one of our meetings. Thank you, Alan, for your efforts.
  2. Thanks to Lorraine Feldhausen and Diane Kinney for the treats tonight.
  3. Our speaker for March will be past president Jay Davis on Architectural photography.

Submitted by Club Secretary:

Sue Mininni

More Things to Bring up!


I had forgotten to mention. Judy will be collecting, at the February 17th meeting, your sunrise/sunset photos for the next library display.


Wife mentioned that I should have proof read my last posting more than twice. Definitely not an English major. I did rush to put out the last post. My apologies!

Photo Contest

The National Wildlife Federation has a photo contest.

We are excited to announce the following nine categories for entry in our 2022 contest:

  • Birds: Portraits and behavior
  • Mammals: Portraits and behavior
  • Baby Animals: Portraits and behavior of young animals of any species
  • Other Wildlife: Portraits and behavior (includes underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, macro and more)
  • Landscapes & Plants: Scenic views and plants from backyards to wild places
  • People in Nature: People enjoying the outdoors or connecting with nature and wildlife
  • Mobile: Nature, wildlife and people outdoors photographed with a mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • Portfolio Category: A submission of up to 10 images built around a common theme related to nature and conservation (*To enter a portfolio, you MUST purchase the Photography Portfolio entry package, listed below.)
  • Young Nature Photographers: For photographers age 13-17

Check out their website for details

February 17, 2022 Photo Club Meeting

Photoshop and Lightroom

Allen Kurth has accepted the challenge of presenting some of the steps he takes to clean up a photo using Photoshop and Lightroom. He will try to answer your questions. Allen is a past president of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club and an award winning photographer. Some of our members may add to the presentation by assisting in answering questions and/or their input using these two programs. He will be sharing his screen from home on the Zoom call.

Zoom Call and In-person Meeting

We are doing a zoom call in concurrence with an in-person meeting at the Forest at 7:00 PM. For the members using Zoom, please check in from 6:45 to 7:00 PM. The Forest has deemed your mask do work and is now requiring us to wear one inside their building. Kathleen will be sending out invites to attend the Zoom call shortly. If you have not receive one by Wednesday the 16th, contact me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org . Members are the ones we permit Zoom meeting access. If you are a non-member and request to visit, contact me. You can either email webmaster or leave a comment below. And you are always welcome to come in-person to our meetings to visit.

We will attempt to video record our meeting and post it on YouTube. We did a trial run with Allen and Kathleen to see how Allen can use his PC to share his screen. We will use the digital projector for our in-person participants. We may have to sit closer to the screen. An of course I beg your indulgence as we will need some time to work out technical details if and when they occur.

Forest Photos Database

One of the many things the Forest is planning for is to accumulate photos taken at the Forest. The Leaflet the Forest publish will have photos, some of which will be taken by our members, taken at the Forest. The following subjects they are looking for are;

  • Common Winter Birds
  • Deer in Winter
  • Photos of Snow at the Forest
  • Spring Wildflowers
  • Spring Fungi
  • Baby Animal in Springtime
  • Trails During the Spring

This is an initial list that will change during the year. The forest is still dealing with the logistics of the database and who will maintain it. They will be looking for photos that are high resolution, 300 dpi or better. They would like files sent as .png or .eps. Please include any caption info (ID/location) and the photographer to credit. But DO NOT send any now till they are ready. I would like our members to make a folder in their systems and place Forest photos, you take or have taken, in it. Then you will be ready when the Forest sends out a request for photos.

I could start our own database and keep on a separate hard drive. The club can afford one that has a few Tb or more. I will try to discuss at the meeting on Thursday.

Content Aware Fill

A powerful tool in Photoshop. See video below!

Upcoming February 17, 2022 Meeting

Will be an in person and a Zoom meeting combined. I would like to see all of you at the meeting in person. I understand those of you who are still skittish to attend in person, will Zoom.

This posting is somewhat delayed. I am still working on a speaker for February 17 meeting. Judy wants you to bring your sunrise/sunset photos to the meeting. She also need you to work on your animals with hooves.

Photo Displays

Bring your sunrise/sunset and animals with hooves to the February meeting. Forest is requesting that photos displayed at the forest be taken in the forest. I think this limits us somewhat because it doesn’t allow for our members to shine and display their talents across the board. And some of us old timers not physically able to handle those hills. I hope to work something out with the forest executives. Kathleen had a great idea. We could display photos of the raptors from past photo shoots. I don’t think 18 photos of the vulture would be too interesting. We would need to mix it up.

Bellevue Times

We have posted meeting info at the Bellevue Times calendar. www.BellevueTimes.com . One of the most powerful features of the new site is the Bellevue Community Calendar. Finally Bellevue has an easy to navigate, one-stop-shop for all of our Community events. I’d like to invite you or someone from your group to add some of your future events to the calendar – even if they are months away. It is easy to do. Just go to this link to get started:https://www.bellevuetimes.com/events/community/add/

January meeting 1_20_2022

Below is a YouTube video of our Zoom Meeting. Click on the link or hit play on the arrow below.


A Comment on our Zoom Meeting

Just wanted to let you know that even though I was not feeling well, I feel like I learned helpful pointers on  everything from what to focus on as a suitable subject to how to lighten gray snow. That picture of the frost on the window was such a terrific example of how simple and often overlooked subjects can be unexpectedly beautiful. 
I think once members get more familiar with the format, they will offer more suggestions. But there were several really good suggestions, and you did a good job showing how to implement them on the screen. And it sure seemed Margaret (?), the dark-haired lady with glasses, was very familiar with the editing process.  
I hope you will try to do several more of these—even if they have to be done on a night other than the regular meeting night. 
Thanks for daring to try something different. 

I am encouraged by your kind words about the Zoom meeting. I think we all learned a bit more. What did you think of the format for this meeting. Please comment below. For those members who did not attend the Zoom call, please watch the video above to see what we accomplished. We had 19 members attend the call.

February 17, 2022 meeting

My hope for the presentation, Q & A on Photoshop fell through. My speaker’s schedule conflicted with our meeting date. I will pursue other options. Would you be willing to attend a meeting that is not on a third Thursday of the month? If the Forest would allow us to meet on another night. Reagan is quite knowledgeable about Photoshop and other Adobe programs. See his DoSpace video below.

In the meantime I will try to come up with something. February 6, Sunday evening. My other possible speaker fell through also. So I am waiting to hear from another possible speaker.

Reagan Pufall video about PS

January Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest
Time:7 PM
Attendees:Number in attendance- Zoom only meeting tonight (19). The meeting is being recorded to be posted on YouTube

Agenda items

  1. Welcome by President Phil Mininni.

New members: None

Treasurers report by Kathleen: Amount in Treasury is: $1444.67

Brent: Absent

Sue: Nothing new

Judy and Frank: Submit photos at next meeting of Sunrise and/or Sunset and animals with hooves. The forest is pushing for photos only taken in the forest. It was mentioned that taking photos at the Forest are limited due to the physical limitations of some members walking the trails. Phil will meet with them to clarify.

More Forest photos were swapped out for display.

Donna Gray: She will send out an updated informational email about the photo contest

  1. The meeting with the forest to go over issues was held Monday Jan 10th. Discussed problems we have with the website, and with their staff changes they wanted to get a feel for what our club is about. We gave them a copy of our By-laws and talked about what the club can do to promote the forest. They mentioned having nature walks with the public and our members and we would discuss nature photography and what our club is about. They want us to continue providing photos of the forest for the display there and our other photos would still be on display at the Bellevue Library. For right now we will continue to meet at 7pm on the third Thursday unless there is a conflict. They also wanted to thank Tom Boggs again for his photo that was used for the card for their fundraising campaign.
  2. Everyone was asked to submit a winter scene photo to Phil that he posted and then the members said what their photo was about and then all the members present could critique them with some positive feedback and/or suggestions on how to improve on it. We had 17 submitted. It went really well.
  3. Our speaker for March will be past president Jay Davis on Architectural photography. Still working on someone to present for our February meeting. Looking at having someone from Do Space talk about Photoshop.
  4. A suggestion was made to try to come up with a way to encourage high school kids to join our club (maybe contact the schools to see if they have a photo club and get our information to them) and how to get information on our club out to the public to encourage membership.

Submitted by Club Secretary: Sue Mininni

Treats for February Meeting

Lorraine Feldhausen and Diane Kinney are scheduled to bring treats for the February 17 meeting.

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