Photos from 2023 Contest are now on the Home Page

Congratulations to our winners. Jay Davis did a great job as our judge this year. He says he had a heck of a job. All the photos were great and it came down to technical qualities. Thank you Terry Turner for your power point presentation. I used it to put the photos on the homepage. I just resized them to fit the home page slideshow.

Too many Fauna photos

We did not have as many participants this year as in the past, the contest coordinators decided to go with no “Novice” class photos. Only two were submitted. The rest were submitted as “Advanced”. We had so many bird photos the contest coordinators decided to split fauna and put birds in there own class.

3 tied for Member’s Choice

Pick up Photos

July 8 at 10 AM. Please be prompt The winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Best of Show will be hung at the library for display. All other photos should be picked up on Saturday morning on July 8 at 10 PM.

Bellevue Library

We mentioned that the 1st and 2nd place, and best of show would be hung in the library. Kathleen and Donna says there is room for the 3rd place winners as well.

September meeting is September 21 at 7:00 PM

Our theme for the night will be great photos of what we did this past Summer. Please send 3-4 photos to the webmaster before Monday, September 17. We will also have elections for officers. AND…

Drawing for September meeting

Your ex, ex president is donating a handmade cutting board as a prize. Tickets will be handed out to members, who will have paid their club dues the night of the meeting in September. I have been told I should sell my cutting boards. Some people say that they are that nice. I enjoy making sawdust and stuff.

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