2024 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our winners. There were not as many entries this year as in the past. Now is a good time to start thinking about next year’s photo contest. This year’s came way too soon for me. We all need to start thinking about all those hints mentioned by our two judges.

We hung the winning photos at the Bellevue Library for display.

Perhaps now is the time to think about doing our contest digitally. This would remove the print process variable. Let me know in the comments below how you feel.

I will be posting all the photo entries soon! I haven’t decided yet whether to place on the website’ home page slideshow or link them to the Zen photo gallery.

CategoriesMember NameTitle
1stMary HeadleyPink Water Lily
2ndMargaret WestPas de Deux
3rdDonna GrayMagnolia Blossoms
Hon MentionHoward CarsonBrophilla
Hon MentionTory EwingSpider Flower
1stMargaret WestShimmering Icebergs
2ndLinda ShuettOld Dead Tree
3rdMargaret WestUndulations
Hon MentionBrent HeadleyRoughlock Falls, S.D.
Hon MentionHoward CarsonNature’s Majesty
1stMargaret WestOn The March
2ndDonna GrayYou Look Tasty
3rdKieth WhiteThe Eyes Have It
Hon MentionDianne KinneyIn The Eye Of The Beholder
1stAllen KurthPrairie Chicken Courtship
2ndTerry TurnerUpset Spotted Towhee
3rdAllen KurthWood Duck at Sunset
Hon MentionAllen KurthProthonotary Warbler
Hon MentionDiane KinneyGoldfinch
Anything Goes
Combined Class
1stDonna GrayThe Stories I Could Tell
2ndAllen KurthNova Scotia Sunset
3rdBrent HeadleyGlobal Warming
Hon MentionDonna TurnerCircles
Hon MentionTory EwingCancer Survivor Park
Best Black and WhiteMary HeadleyMoth Sitting On Lily
Best Fontenelle PhotoAllen KurthWood Duck at Sunrise
Best Of ShowAllen KurthPrairie Chicken Courtship
People’s Choice (Tied)Howard CarsonNature’s Majesty
Donna TurnerI’m Hungary
Member’s Choice (Tied)Donna GrayWho’s That
Margaret WestShimmering Icebergs
Terry TurnerUpset Spotted Towhee
Terry TurnerPeaceful Mountain Lake
List of photo contest winners.
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