Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting Minutes

Location: Fontenelle Forest
Date: 10/20/2022
Time: 7:00 PM

  1. Welcome by President Emeritus Phil Mininni.
  2. New Brochures for the Photo Club will be printed. Cost $250.00
  3. Please consider volunteering for President and Vice-President.
  4. Phil reminded everyone the November 17th meeting will be @ Camp Brewster. Speaker/Program will be presented by Rockbrook Camera, What’s New.
  5. Kathleen Crawford-Rose reminded members of club dues. Annual membership dues are due in September $12.00 for singles and $20.00 for family membership. She also reminded photo club members to check for a valid Fontenelle Forest (FF) membership. Members of the photo club must be members of FF.
  6. Steve Reese from Mervin Reese Photography gave a presentation on Portrait Photography.
  7. Attendees: 15
  8. New members: none
  9. Input from current officers, committee members and helpers:

    President and Vice-President– Open for Volunteers

    Photo Display Organizers- Judy and Frank Dye
    ⦁ Future exhibit: Monuments and Anything Green please bring to meeting. You may also contact Frank or Judy Dye @ 402-734-3627 or ⦁ You may also drop off prints @ Kathleen’s house, 123 Bellevue Blvd S. ⦁ or Phil’s house, 621 S. 51st Ave

    Treasurer- Kathleen Crawford-Rose: Treasurer’s report: October Balance $1304.00.
    Secretary- Mary Headley:
    Photo Contest Organizer: Donna Gray:
    Webmaster- Phil Mininni:
    Brent Headley (helps webmaster and with video at meetings and other volunteering)
  10. Speakers/Programs:
    Nov 17: Rockbrook Camera- What’s New (Camp Brewster)
    Dec 15: Potluck/slideshow? (Members will vote on Potluck @ November Meeting)
    January 19: Albert Rhea- Subject matter TBD
    Feb 16: Brad Williams Photography, Subject TBD
    Mar 16: TBD (Possible Nebraska Land Magazine)
    Apr 20: TBD
    May 18: Raptor Shoot (Camp Brewster)
    June 15: Photo Contest (Bellevue University)

Treats (brought by): Terry & Donna Turner, Brent & Mary Headley

Submitted by Club Secretary: Mary Headley

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