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I had forgotten to mention. Judy will be collecting, at the February 17th meeting, your sunrise/sunset photos for the next library display.


Wife mentioned that I should have proof read my last posting more than twice. Definitely not an English major. I did rush to put out the last post. My apologies!

Photo Contest

The National Wildlife Federation has a photo contest.

We are excited to announce the following nine categories for entry in our 2022 contest:

  • Birds: Portraits and behavior
  • Mammals: Portraits and behavior
  • Baby Animals: Portraits and behavior of young animals of any species
  • Other Wildlife: Portraits and behavior (includes underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, macro and more)
  • Landscapes & Plants: Scenic views and plants from backyards to wild places
  • People in Nature: People enjoying the outdoors or connecting with nature and wildlife
  • Mobile: Nature, wildlife and people outdoors photographed with a mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • Portfolio Category: A submission of up to 10 images built around a common theme related to nature and conservation (*To enter a portfolio, you MUST purchase the Photography Portfolio entry package, listed below.)
  • Young Nature Photographers: For photographers age 13-17

Check out their website for details

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