February 17, 2022 Photo Club Meeting

Photoshop and Lightroom

Allen Kurth has accepted the challenge of presenting some of the steps he takes to clean up a photo using Photoshop and Lightroom. He will try to answer your questions. Allen is a past president of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club and an award winning photographer. Some of our members may add to the presentation by assisting in answering questions and/or their input using these two programs. He will be sharing his screen from home on the Zoom call.

Zoom Call and In-person Meeting

We are doing a zoom call in concurrence with an in-person meeting at the Forest at 7:00 PM. For the members using Zoom, please check in from 6:45 to 7:00 PM. The Forest has deemed your mask do work and is now requiring us to wear one inside their building. Kathleen will be sending out invites to attend the Zoom call shortly. If you have not receive one by Wednesday the 16th, contact me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org . Members are the ones we permit Zoom meeting access. If you are a non-member and request to visit, contact me. You can either email webmaster or leave a comment below. And you are always welcome to come in-person to our meetings to visit.

We will attempt to video record our meeting and post it on YouTube. We did a trial run with Allen and Kathleen to see how Allen can use his PC to share his screen. We will use the digital projector for our in-person participants. We may have to sit closer to the screen. An of course I beg your indulgence as we will need some time to work out technical details if and when they occur.

Forest Photos Database

One of the many things the Forest is planning for is to accumulate photos taken at the Forest. The Leaflet the Forest publish will have photos, some of which will be taken by our members, taken at the Forest. The following subjects they are looking for are;

  • Common Winter Birds
  • Deer in Winter
  • Photos of Snow at the Forest
  • Spring Wildflowers
  • Spring Fungi
  • Baby Animal in Springtime
  • Trails During the Spring

This is an initial list that will change during the year. The forest is still dealing with the logistics of the database and who will maintain it. They will be looking for photos that are high resolution, 300 dpi or better. They would like files sent as .png or .eps. Please include any caption info (ID/location) and the photographer to credit. But DO NOT send any now till they are ready. I would like our members to make a folder in their systems and place Forest photos, you take or have taken, in it. Then you will be ready when the Forest sends out a request for photos.

I could start our own database and keep on a separate hard drive. The club can afford one that has a few Tb or more. I will try to discuss at the meeting on Thursday.

Content Aware Fill

A powerful tool in Photoshop. See video below!

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