March 21 Photo Club Meeting reminder

The meeting will be at the forest at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM on March 21, 2024

Allen Kurth will be presenting Lightroom by Adobe. He will show his process in post processing photos. Allen is an excellent photographer. Please attend to see some of his secrets he uses in his photos.

Treasurer’s Report

 Feb. 1 balance                $787.14

Income                                                0

Expenses;                                65.42

display id cards

  Plexiglass print covers

Feb. 29 balance              $721.72

The dues have never been raised but our annual contest expenses and other expenses have more than doubled over the years. 

Comments?  Could this be an agenda item at the March meeting

Proposed: Member Dues going UP!

You know it has to be done. We need to raise the price of membership for next year. The executive board has discussed this. Presently membership dues are; Single, $12, Family, $20. I believe this has been this way for years. Proposed increase to; Single, $20, Family, $30. After February the price will be halved for new memberships. We will take a vote at the March 21 meeting.

Photos for Forest and Library Displays

We need to start collecting prints for the new photo displays.  The  topics are:


And for the forest  “SPRING IN FONTENELLE FOREST”.

Thanks to Jean Lindfors for suggesting “reflections and Shadows”

Please bring prints to the March and April meetings so that the new displays can be put up after the April meeting.

Post Processing Editing Video

If you don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom, perhaps this video will help get you started post-processing without the expense of Adobe products. It is about 8 minutes long.

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