March 17, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest
Attendees:Number in attendance-in person was 19 and on Zoom there were technical issues so had to shut it down. There will be no Zoom meeting in April, only in-person. The meeting was being recorded to be posted on YouTube.

Agenda items

  1. Welcome by President Phil Mininni.
  2. New members: None

Judy and Frank: They have enough of the sunrise and sunset pics for the library. Please bring pictures of Raptors from the previous photo shoots if you have any to the April meeting or any photos taken at the Forest for use at future Forest displays.

Kathleen: Treasurer’s report: amount in Treasury is: $1476.67

Brent: Apologized for last meetings mess up on zoom

Sue: Nothing to report

Donna Gray: Contest still on at Bellevue Univ. See rules and dates on our website.

Kathy Holm: Nothing to report

  1. Our speaker was Jay Davis who was a past president of our club. He talked about commercial photography. He used to a studio in downtown Omaha at the Hot Shops but now works out of his home. His presentation was very interesting. He showed some wonderful photos.
  2. Thanks to Phil and Sue Mininni, Brent and Mary Headley and Keith White for the treats tonight.
  3. Next month, April 21 Donna Turner is going to show us some of her post processing skills.
  4. Bellevue Times-They posted about our club and information like when we meet, etc.
  5. Forest partnership with the photo club- Another meeting will be set up with them to discuss some issues we still have.

Treats for the April meeting will be provided by: Linda Schuett and Linnea Baney. Thank you in advance.

Submitted by Club Secretary:

Sue Mininni

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