April 21 Meeting Reminder

The photo club will meet this Thursday at 7:00 PM. There will not be a Zoom call for this meeting due to technical issues with the WiFi at the Forest.

Donna Turner will be our speaker

Donna will discuss her unique photos and the process she takes putting them all together. Like the image below.

Donna Turner Poppies Galore Anything Goes

Forest Photo Display

Bring your raptor photos that have been taken at the Forest. Judy and her team will hang them up at the Forest’s display racks. Don’t forget! if you do or the photos are not yet printed Judy will accept them after the meeting, just arrange with her or Frank to get them to her.

Blending in Photoshop

Here is a short tutorial on blending two images in Photoshop

That is all for now. Please comment below. We can discuss at our meeting about future photo displays, what was discussed between the board and the Forest, Changes with our photo contest and much more. Thanks for your support!


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