Congratulations to our winners of our photo contest. I will soon put the contest entries on the homepage slideshow. Thanks to Pat Mingarelli for judging our photos. There was a lot of cropping suggestions given. Though he gave technical suggestions, he also gave some positive things we could do to make our photos better. Thanks Pat. Keep in mind judging is also a subjective endeavor.

Nature Conservancy Global Photo Contest Winners

From Tory Ewing

I thought you might like to see this.  I came across a website with the winners of this years Nature Conservancy Global Photo Contest.  Some of the photos are almost as good as the ones from our photo contest.

October 21 Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest
Attendees:Number in attendance-About 25-30

Agenda items

  1. Welcome by President Phil Mininni. He appreciates all of our members but some decisions he makes may not appeal to all but he is here for everyone. Example is having a live meeting and a zoom meeting. He cannot do both so if no volunteers to help assist then he makes the final decision.

New members: Mary Headley and Visitor Kyle Sorys (but will probably join)

Treasurers report by Kathleen: Reminder to pay dues tonight was given if you hadn’t already. Amount in Treasury is: $1655.

Per Brent there are no new website updates.

  1. Donna Gray will fill in for Judy Dye in collecting photos for display as well as bringing old ones for members to pick up. Always check the table to make sure you have none to pick up. You may submit more than one photo of the same topic. We used to not have enough for a good display, but now we do so after a few weeks up of one batch then another batch will go up so all have a turn at their photo being displayed. The ones displayed at the forest have to have something to do with nature and the ones displayed at the Bellevue Library do not.
  2. Donna introduced our judge Pat Mingarelli who went over all of the photos and announced the winners. The winners will be posted on our website.

Congratulations to everyone that won and thanks to all that submitted their photos. We had 96 photos submitted.

  1. Thank you to Tory Ewing and Margaret Block-West for bringing treats.
  2. The Treat list was passed around for members to sign up as a few spots were remaining. We still need two members to bring treats on Thursday June 16th which hopefully we will be back at Bellevue University for the photo contest. We also need one more person for Thursday March 17th.

Please just another reminder to bring items that are individually wrapped or you have placed in a baggie or wrapped in saran wrap (still because of Covid 19). Please no popcorn as too hard to clean up if on the carpet.

A reminder that it’s your turn will be emailed to you about a week before the meeting. (If I don’t forget-Sorry Tory and Margaret).

  1. Member list passed around to be filled out with member contact information:

Again, if you were not in attendance or will not be in attendance for awhile because of Covid 19 concerns, please email the webmaster at ASAP your information (name, address, email, phone and yes or no if you will accept text messages) so we can verify your information and make any corrections. Thank you.

  1. Update with Diane Kinney and Lorraine Feldhausen on compiling a 10-question survey for our members to complete through Monkey Survey. Should be ready to send out within the next two weeks.
  2. There will be a meeting set up with the forest to go over issues with our website.
  3. It is still undecided if we are to have our Christmas Pot Luck for our December meeting. We may add that as a question on the Survey.
  4. For the November meeting, we have invited Aaron Frey back from Rockbrook Camera to bring some cameras and other equipment and talk about whatever we’d like. If our members have any suggestions, please let the webmaster know.

Submitted by Club Secretary: Sue Mininni

Fontenelle Forest Photography Club – Annual Financial Report 2021

Balance September, 2020 $1296.95

Income from dues $464.00

Expenses $429.79

2020 Contest ; judge, 75.00, treats 12.00
Microphone: 42.79
Donation to FF Raptor Team; $300.00

Balance August, 2021 $1331.16

*Because our contest schedule has been delayed, the ribbons and judge
expenses for 2021 Occurred in Sept.

Zoom Meetings

Kyle Sorys has volunteered to set up his camera equipment to do Zoom meetings for us. He and I are going to do a trial rehearsal to see if it will work out. And if it does we will Zoom our November meeting. Kyle was a visitor at our October 21 meeting. He plans to join our club.

December 16 Meeting

Our December meeting is normally a “Bring a Dish” event and the club provides usually fried chicken. We did not have one last year because of the Wuhan virus. This year it was suggested we have a regular meeting without the food. Another member ask why not both. So I will be sending out a questionnaire via email to our members through Kathleen;

Vote for one:

  1. Bring a Dish. Food night
  2. No food, hold regular meeting. Find guest speaker
  3. Do the food and also hold regular meeting

Free Photo Editing Programs

If you do not wish to subscribe to Adobe for Photoshop, here are some free editing programs to look in to.

Top 5. 7 Minutes long.

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