Meeting Reminder

Thursday at 7:00 PM, October 21, 2021

Just a reminder that our photo contest critique and awards will be presented. Our judge is Pat Mingarelli. You will be able to move your chair as far away or as close as you want to the person of your choice. Mask are optional at this time.

Member’s Choice

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite photo from contest entries. Email the number of the photo you like the most. This vote tally is for members only. I do not know if we have a very large internet presence for a public vote. Click on the link . Donna is taking votes till October 18, 2021. Email Donna . Do not use the comment section below to vote your choice. Please comment on any other topic or item.


Dues will be collected by Kathleen if you haven’t already paid.

A Camera Records Light

Lorraine Feldhausen sends this;

I have two photography places that send me emails. This is not a direct quote from one of the lessons, but it gets the idea across:

A camera records light.  What you choose to focus on in that light becomes your picture.

I am attaching two pictures.One was taken on one of the many cloudy days we have had recently.Today I waited until the sun sifted through a tree and landed on this blossom that opened a day or two ago.  Same autumn crocus (different blossom). But the light makes all the difference in the world for color, tone, and mood.The crocus is actually a light lavender. So the second photo is closer to what my eye saw.

This might be something to share at a meeting. Perhaps we could get club members to share different examples of things they have learned like this.

It could be a baby step to getting more involved.


Thanks Lorraine for the input and suggestion.

Kathleen Crawford-Rose

Reports that they have put up the Forest photos up at Fontenelle Forest. There were so many photos that they will be split, half now and the other half later will be displayed.

Monkey Survey

Lorraine Feldhausen and Diane Kinney are working on putting together an on-line survey on Monkey Survey. This is the first time these young ladies have attempted to do this with Monkey Survey. Thank you to Lorraine and Diane. A list of questions will be posted that members can vote on. I believe we will have a password to allow, club members only, access to the survey. I want to get a feel from you where we should go as a club.

I’m sure I probably forgot something

Video on Lighting

Since Lorraine brought it up. About 7 minutes long.

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