2022 Photo Contest Photos on the Home page!

Brent and I have processed about 80 photos and put them on the home page slide show. If you see a problem or we missed something, let us know. Email webmaster .

Congratulations to our ribbon winners. 1st, 2nd place, member’s choice, peoples choice and “best of” photos will be hung at the library.

We should all thank Donna and Terry Turner for all their hard work making our contest a success. And a special thank you to Donna Gray giving assistance and guidance to the Turner’s.

Thanks to Jay Davis for being our judge this year. It is no easy task judging these photos. I again am reminded to learn to crop, crop, and crop some more.

Bellevue Library

Here are some subjects for you all to work on for future display subjects.

  1. monuments
  2. old everything
  3. clouds

President’s position needs to be filled!!!

Keith White is not able to fill the president’s spot. We need someone to step up. And provide some new blood to our leadership team. Fresh eyes so to speak. The board provided me plenty of assistance while I was president. You would not need to do everything by your lonesome. I will also work closely with the new president and provide assistance when and where I can. Covid affected how we held meetings and I hope we will get closer to the “normal”.

Thank you Chaplain Kyle

Kyle Sorys is the young gentlemen who helped us with the Zoom calls for our meetings this past year. Thank you very much! I hope he will continue to be a member of our photo club.


Phil Mininni and Brent Headley will continue to be the webmasters. Thanks to Brent for helping with the home page contest photos.

Milky Way

Brent says Tues evening, June 28, into Wednesday morning is looking promising for our milky way shoot. We had to cancel last week due to weather. Brent is also planning a shoot in July. More info is forthcoming for July.


Once again if you notice anything about your photo that is not quite right, let me know. Comment below or email me.


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