September 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting Minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest
Time:7:00 PM

  1. Welcome by President emeritus Phil Mininni.
  2. The club needs volunteers for President and Vice-President. Please consider volunteering.
  3. Phil shared the Fontenelle Forest 2022-2023 Partnership Agreement with club members. There were no complaints from those members present. He will post the agreement on the photo club website. Emily Prauner, Director of Donor and Visitor Services at Fontenelle Forest, has asked that the agreement be acknowledged by the end of this month.
  4. Phil shared the Speakers/Programs for the year. (See in minutes under #10)
  5. Members shared 3-4 favorite photos @ tonight’s meeting for a group slide show. Members discussed their photos with club members.
  6. Kathleen Crawford-Rose collected membership dues for the Photo Club @ tonight’s meeting. Dues are due in Sept. $12.00 for singles and $20.00 for family membership. Kathleen reminded photo club members to check for a valid Fontenelle Forest (FF) membership. Members of the photo club must be members of FF. She will provide an updated membership list to FF October 1st.
  7. Attendees: 35
  8. New members:

Barb Rimel- enjoys photographing wildlife

Guest~ William Targy- enjoys nature photography and animals

  1. Input from current officers, committee members and helpers:

VP-Kathy Holm: Kathy has resigned as Vice President of the club.

Photo Display Organizers- Judy and Frank Dye

  • The new exhibit of Fountain photos is up at the Bellevue Public Library.
  • Members turned in their photos: Animals of Fontenelle Forest for next month’s display.
  • Next display for Bellevue library: “Anything Old” please bring your photos to October meeting.
  • Future exhibit: Monuments and Anything Green.

Treasurer- Kathleen Crawford-Rose: Treasurer’s report: July 31st Balance $987.75. Summer activities:

+$24.00 in dues

-$75.00 Contest Judge

Secretary- Mary Headley:

Passed around members roster to confirm member information. Please update as needed.

Passed Sign-up sheet for Treats for Club Meetings (October 2022-June 2023)

Photo Contest Organizer: Donna Gray with help from Terry and Donna Turner:

Going forward Donna Gray will be the Photo Contest Organizer.

Thank you to Terry and Donna Turner for organizing the photo contest this past year.

Webmaster- Phil Mininni:

Phil will continue as webmaster for the club.

Brent Headley (helps webmaster and with video at meetings and other volunteering):

Brent will continue to assist as needed

  1. Speakers/Programs:

Sept 15: Member’s slide show

Oct 20: Steve Reese- Mervin Reese Photography, Portrait photography

Nov 17: Rockbrook Camera- What’s New (Camp Brewster)

Dec 15: Potluck/slideshow? (Members will vote on Potluck @ November Meeting)

January 19: Albert Rhea- Subject matter TBD

Feb 16: Brad Williams Photography, Subject TBD

Mar 16: TBD (Possible Nebraska Land Magazine)

Apr 20: TBD

May 18: Raptor Shoot (Camp Brewster)

June 15: Photo Contest (Bellevue University)

Treats (brought by): Dick Keefe and Kathleen Crawford-Rose

Submitted by Club Secretary: Mary Headley

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