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May 20 Meeting


Greetings Photo Club Members and welcome back to in person meetings.  Our May 20th meeting will be a raptor shoot in the natural setting of Camp Brewster.  We will plan to start at 6:30 to take advantage of good light.  Phil has included directions on our club website along with more info on the shoot. 

The Fontenelle Forest Raptor Team will bring 3 or 4 of their raptors for us to photograph.

Fontenelle Forest Staff would like a head count of attendees in order to properly set up.  Please RSVP to this message if you plan to attend.  It will be great to see you all in person again.   We will work inside the building if the weather should not cooperate. See previous post “Camp Brewster”


Kathleen submitted for the Nebraska Bird Review


It’s time for the 14th annual color issue of the Nebraska Bird Review,
the quarterly journal of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union.  We are
requesting good quality bird photos for publication in an upcoming

This is not a photo contest, but there are rules:

1. Images must be of wild, free-flying birds and must have been taken in
Nebraska, but you may submit photos taken in prior years.

2. Images must be of good quality: sharp focus and high enough
to look good when printed.  Please do not send low-resolution,
“thumbnail” size images.

3. The subjects don’t need to be rare birds, but images that document
something interesting about a species (behavior, date, nesting, etc.)
are more likely to be selected.

Our special challenge this year is for photos of species with the word
“red” in their common names. Redhead, Red-shouldered Hawk, and
Common Redpoll are all acceptable, as are many other species found in

The name must contain “red”, used to mean the color red. So Reddish
Egret is acceptable, but Eared Grebe is not.  Conversely, a bird
doesn’t need to LOOK red to qualify. A juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker
has no red on it, but is fine and dandy for the Red Challenge.

And then there are birds like the male Northern Cardinal and Scarlet
Tanager, which are undeniably red, but don’t have “red” in their
names. We’d be happy to have your cardinal and tanager images, but
they won’t work for the Red Challenge.

4. A maximum of 5 images per photographer may be submitted.  Please do
not expect us to look through dozens of photos you have posted on a

5. The following information must be provided with each image:


6. The final selection of images to be published is solely the decision
the NBR editors (see #3).

Please email your images to me at

or send me a URL for images posted on a website. If you have a number of
photos posted, please direct me to the specific 5 images you are
for publication.

Contributors will be credited in the photo captions.

DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2021.

Thanks, and have fun!

Janis Paseka
Ames  NE
Editor, The Nebraska Bird Review

Lightroom Basics

Camp Brewster

Our next meeting on May 20th will be at Camp Brewster and will start at 6:30 PM. The forest has a scheduling conflict and we lost. Camp Brewster is north of the Fontenelle Forest. I will post a map below.

Raptor Shoot

The forest’s raptor group is going to bring over some birds for us to shoot at the May 20th meeting. The meeting will be one half hour earlier to take advantage of the daylight.  Kathy Fisher will be bring a team with a turkey vulture, a peregrine falcon and a great horned owl, plus a surprise bonus bird.  After  the  photograph session, we’ll have a Q and A  with the handlers and give them our donation toward the bird’s upkeep. The business part of our meeting will be after everyone has gotten their fill of pictures. If weather is an issue, we can take photos inside the building.

No Zoom Call

Our May 20th meeting will be an in person meeting and the subject matter is raptor photography. Having a Zoom call is not logical in this instance.

Photographing Birds of Prey

Camp Brewster Map

Red marker is Camp Brewster

Zoom Meeting April 15/Antarctica

From our April 15 Zoom meeting we recorded part of the meeting. When I realized I could not record the meeting without host permission we were past the business part of meeting. Kathleen could not find the button to push allowing someone else to record. So she recorded Frank Comisar’s presentation. The video is about 39 minutes long and Frank had already began talking and we missed the first part of his presentation. Another new thing to do with Zoom that had its learning curve extended.

Frank Comisar is a previous club president and member. He now lives in Durango, Colorado and has his own business call Scenic Aperture. He left Omaha in 2014 to become a full time nature photographer. He shoots with Fuji equipment for wildlife and Canon for landscape. He gave us a presentation on his Antarctica Expedition trip from January 2020. After his presentation he did talk a bit about his company and upcoming field trips.

Meeting Video

May 20, 2021 Meeting

There are new employees at the Fontenelle Forest. Seems to be some confusion in the scheduling of events and it is impacting our normal third Thursday of the month meetings. One executive assured me we were set to have our next meeting on May 20. Someone scheduled an event with another group on this same night. Kathleen is trying to resolve this conflict with forest executives. We want to get the raptor group to show us some birds on this night starting at 6:30 PM. You will need to bring your camera to photograph these raptors on the patio, I will let everyone know when it is resolved.



APRIL 15, 2021

Meeting called to order by President Phil Mininni

This was a Zoom meeting with 15 members present.

Our Secretary Eric Scholar was absent, so Sue Mininni filled in to take minutes. There were no additions or corrections to the last meetings minutes.

Photos for our display at the Forest will continue to be Water as we had a lot to put up.

Donna Gray was absent so no updates on the Photo Contest.

Per our Treasurer Kathy there is still $1500 in the Treasure and we would like to make a donation to the Raptor Organization to buy frozen rats for feeding them.

A Stone Mountain GA pic for our display of rocks offended a visitor and it was asked that we remove it. There was a brief discussion on how the members in attendance felt about us being censored like that.

May 20th will be our next in person meeting at 6:30 with hopefully a Raptor shoot.

It has been asked that we still have a zoom meeting in addition to the in-person meeting.

Please think of sending Phil your own personal photos for your own portfolio on the club website.

Frank Comisar was our speaker. He is a previous Club President and member and now lives in Durango, Colorado and has his own business called Scenic Aperture. He left Omaha in 2014 to become a full time nature photographer. He shoots with Fuji equipment for wildlife and Canon for Landscape. He gave a presentation on his January 2020 Antarctica Expedition trip. After his presentation he did talk a bit about his company and upcoming trips if anyone was interested in signing up for them. Check out his website:

Submitted by: Sue Mininni


Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting.



Zoom meeting

Our next Zoom meeting is on April 15, 2021. It will start promptly at 7:00 PM. We have Frank Comisar giving us a presentation of a trip to Antarctica. Members who have not received an invite by Monday evening, the 11th, contact the webmaster .

Items for sell

We have a subscriber to the website that has asked if he could sell some photographic items. His name is Jeff Beiermann. He is an ex-World Herald staffer and ex-UNO campus photographer. He has a Canon EF 1.4 III extender. He would like $290 for it. I don’t want to publish his email address to the world. Please email your webmaster for Jeff’s contact information. Jeff was going to send me a small list of items he would also like to sell. I haven’t received this list and need to post this blog. If anyone would like to contact Jim, I will give you his email address and you can ask him what else he has in photographic equipment to sell.


That is what we strive to be. We all have an opinion. It is a shame that one opinion has more weight over another. The world, it seems, is upside down. There was no taking down that piece of so-called art of a Crucifix in a bottle of urine years ago. I consider photographs as an art form among other things. The forest took down one of the photos on display there because a visitor was offended by the photo. No names! We are going to meet with the forest admin to discuss this and other planned changes at the forest that will affect our in-person meetings.

Forest Display-Water

Speaking of displays, Judy and her crew swapped out photos with our “Water” photos. They are up and waiting for you to see. I am still waiting for your “water” photo files to be sent to the webmaster. I want to add them to the homepage slideshow. Send photos to Webmaster.



We have received plenty of your water photos. In fact we will probably have to change out, after awhile, to display the extra photos received. Good participation! When they are put up at the forest, Kathleen will mail out a notice to members.

Home Page Slideshow

I have received some of these “water” photos via e-mail. I have taken down our Christmas slideshow and put the “Water” photos on our homepage of the website. I would like those of you who have turned in a photo for the forest display, please send the webmaster an electronic file of your photo so that I can add to our homepage slideshow. Send to webmaster .

Shooting in Manual Mode

A short 12 minute video on using your camera’s manual mode. Get out there and experiment.

Minutes and Water Photos

Minutes from March 18 Zoom Meeting

Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club March 18, 2021. Meeting

This meeting was a zoom meeting exclusively. About 15 members  attended. It began at 8:00 P.M..

President Phil Mininni,  Presiding

Phil: Phil mentioned that photos on water are requested for display at the forest. Members should contact Phil or Judy Dye and bring the photos to them. They are due by March 22.

Donna:The photo contest will be held in the fall. It will be a digital contest due to covid restrictions at the usual venue of Bellevue Univ. Details for submitting photos are on our website.

Phil: Talked about the portfolios available at the club’s website. He encouraged members to provide photos for their portfolios and mentioned that they could be static in nature or a slide show. He encouraged members to think about other things that could be in their portfolios.

The program for tonight will be Lecture 3 Fundamentals of Photography from The Great Courses by Joel Sartore This episode will be on  Lens and Focal Length. Joel  discussed the different kinds of lens available. Joel concentrated on the similarities and differences of telephoto  vs. normal vs wide angle lens. He also mentioned the differences between prime and zoom lenses and also mentioned macro lenses. He mentioned that with the purchase of a lens you get what you pay for.

The meeting was adjourned at around 8:

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary.

Water Photos

We have received plenty of “Water” photos for the Forest display. Thanks to all for your participation. Now, send me your “Water” photo files so that I can make a slide show for our website’s home page. Send them to the webmaster. I will size them to fit. I still have some problems with “portrait” type photos. I am working on it.

Good News

Frank Comisar, past president of our club, has committed to give us a presentation of a trip to Antarctica. Frank moved to Durango Colorado to open up a photo business called Scenic Aperture. His website is . He will be at our April 15 Zoom meeting. We may not have enough time to play our Sartore video. Frank’s presentation may take 45 minutes.

Alternatives to Photoshop

If you don’t have a post processing program for your photos, take a look at the video. Or if you are subscribing to Adobe for a monthly charge for Photoshop, these alternatives might be the way to go to save your money.

Meeting Reminder March 18, 2021

Just a reminder about our meeting tonight is a Zoom call. Zoom meetings are for members of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club. If you have not received the Zoom invite, contact the webmaster . I will send to you the info for joining the meeting.

We will talk about the upcoming photo contest, the Forest photo display, portfolios on the website, and view a video about “Lens and Focal Length” by Joel Sartore. Hope you all can attend.

Minutes, Meeting, and Photo Display


Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club February 18, 2021. Meeting

This meeting was a zoom meeting exclusively. About 21 members attended. It began at &:00 P.M..

President Phil Mininni, Presiding

Sheryl Lee our newest member was introduced

The photo contest will be held in the fall. It will be held at Bellevue Univ. or online.

The program for tonight will be a presentation by Peter Carbonelle on Photographing water followed by Lecture 2 Fundamentals of Photography by Joel Sartore on Camera equipment. from The Great Courses.

Photographing water presented by Pete Carbonelle past president and webmaster.

The equipment needed depends on how you want to show the water: silky or stop action. It can include a tripod and ND filters. Also a remote camera release and polarizer may be required. Camera settings and equipment depend on if you want to show the water as silky or in action. If you want to stop the action of the water high speeds are required. If you want to show silky water long speeds are required. Pete showed slides of various situations from waterfalls to slow speed situations and what camera settings he used. The faster the water is flowing the higher the camera speed required. It requires trying different camera settings and practice to determine the best settings. For slow moving water an N.D. filter or polarizer may be needed . Also if the shooting is in bright day or at nighttime settings will change.

In the lecture by Joel Sartore he discussed the different kinds of cameras that are available as well as supplemental equipment such as a tripod and cable release. He also talked about aperture,shutter speed and ISO and the relationship of these 3 settings.

The meeting was adjourned at around 8:20

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary.


Our next meeting will Thursday, March 18. It will be a Zoom meeting. Members who have not received an email invite by March 15 contact the webmaster. We will discuss information for the photo contest. We will view another video with Joel Sartore.

Photo Display

“Water” is our subject for the Forest display.

The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please.

Remember to add your name, the subject and the location on the back of each photo you submit.

I have received three photos so far.

For more information please refer to a previous post.

YouTube Video

This is a different video presentation. It is tips for beginners from a beginner.

That is about it for this post. Comment below. Stay safe and enjoy the good weather we are having.