Programs for September and October

I am in contact with several photographers to be speakers for September and October. No commitments yet. In the meantime, just in case, will you all gather 3 to 4 of your best photos taken this summer? You can send the files to me, webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org. I will show them on the projection screen at September 15 meeting if I can’t procure a speaker.- Phil

June 16, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting minutes

Location:Fontenelle Forest
Time:7:00 PM (At Bellevue Univ Humanities Bldg)

  1. Welcome by President Phil Mininni. He thought there was greater improvement and confidence in the photos displayed this year than in years past.
  2. If you still have any photos of the eclipse, send to the webmaster and he will post them.
  3. Attendees: 32

New members: None

Judy and Frank: If you did not bring photos of fountains, you can contact Judy and/or Frank to set up a time to get the photos to them. First and Second place winners of photo contest will be on display at the library first and then fountains. Over the summer take pictures to submit when we return in September of Old Everything, Monument’s and Clouds.

Kathleen: Treasurer’s report: amount in Treasury is: $987.75

Brent: Talked again about organizing a trip with Ken Smith (Astrophotography). Upcoming “New Moon” dates are Thursday June 23rd, or Friday June 24th.  He will let us know the exact date. There needs to be no moon or below the horizon. It will be out about 10 miles from Beatrice in a town called Filley at the Filley Stone Barn. There is a windmill there as well as one or two tractors to compliment your photo. We will need to arrive before sunset to get set up and get organized.  Dark conditions will be around 10:30 or 11:00pm until 4:00 or 4:30am.  Ken thinks most people would be ready to leave by 12:30 or 1:00am. We will try for another shoot in July maybe somewhere else.

Sue: None

Terry and Donna Turner: Photo Contest: Jay Davis was our judge and picked our winners and gave a good critique on all photos. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone that submitted photos.

Kathy Holm: None

  1. No treats tonight.
  2. Elections: No volunteers for President. Think about it over the summer if you might be interested. Vice President will still be Kathy Holm, Treasurer will still be Kathleen Crawford-Rose, Secretary will be Mary Headley and Phil Mininni will still be the webmaster. Photo Contest Organizer will go back to Donna Gray with the Turners helping out if needed. Photo displays will still be handled by Judy and Frank Dye.
  3. See you on September 15th for the next meeting. Have a great summer.

Submitted by Club Secretary: Sue Mininni

Ron Tillman Photography

Introduction from an April Wargo. May be of interest to you. I checked out the website and it is legit-Phil

I wanted to reach out and introduce you to Ron Tilman Photography. Ron
offers photography workshops throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas,
and Nebraska. In October he will be offering his fall Elk workshop.
Ron offers both a half-day
and three-day option. The three-day workshop includes bison
photography. Check out Ron's website for details.

Please feel free to visit Ron's website,

Thank you,

April Wargo

Treasurer Report

Hi all.

We had no income and no expenses in July.  Our balance is $987.75

We will collect dues in September.  They remain $12.00 for single membership and $20.00 for a family.

We received a thank you during the summer from FF for our $300/00 donation to the Raptor program.

Bird Photography with Melissa Groo

Check out this website for more information about the course. Course on sale till August 28, 2022.

Click on the link Course above.

Forest Display Change Out

Greetings Photographers.

The subject of our  next photo display at the Forest will be animals of the forest. This includes everything except raptors.  We’d like to see insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds (except for raptors).

We hope to have your photos on or before the September 15th meeting.  Dyes will be out of town for the next couple of weeks so you can drop off photos at:

Phil and Sue’s house.  621 South 51 Ave. in Omaha.   or

Kathleen’s house.  123 Bellevue Blvd South in Bellevue.    Email Webmaster for phone numbers for Phil or Kathleen. Call them to arrange photo delivery.

Or bring them to the Sept Meeting.

Club Meeting Dates for this coming year

The 2022-2023 Photo Club meetings will be hosted at Fontenelle Forest on the following dates:

  • Thursday, September 15 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, October 20 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, November 17 (Camp Brewster)
  • Thursday, December 15 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, January 19 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, February 16 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, March 16 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, April 20 (Nature Center)
  • Thursday, May 18 (Camp Brewster)

Crop Sensor Video

This is an interesting video about sensors. It is a little more than 13 minutes long.

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