November Meeting

Finally got a confirmation for our meeting. Aaron Frey, from Rockbrook Camera, will be there with, as he put it, “everything I can get in my car to show you”. Thanks to Donna Gray for setting up the speaker.

Our next meeting will be November 19, 7:00 PM. Rockbrook Camera is continuing what has become a tradition with the club. Showing off what is new in Photography.

We will attempt to do a Zoom meeting again. I am going to use my Canon rebel as a TV camera to shoot at the speaker and zoom in on the items he is showing off. Kathleen will send out Zoom invitations soon. Doing these zoom meetings have not been 100% successful to say the least. I would like comments from members who attend our meetings in person. Are you comfortable with the spacing and use of masks…etc. I am going to ask Kathleen to purchase a bottle of sanitizer for our meetings. I would like to see more members in person. I’ll never be a TV star!

Club Photos at the Forest

Judy’s crew have mounted photos onto the forest’s display columns yesterday. Subject of the photos are “Rocks”. Some beautiful shots. I recommend you all get down there and check those out! Right now they are in the Baright Gallery.

The Bellevue Library will be next to be changed out. I think it is “Pink” photos. I will let everyone know when they are mounted at the library.

Club Website

Brent Headley is my backup for the website. He is teaching himself WordPress. WordPress is the program we use for our website. I finally have figured out how to put up a sub-domain website. It is a test site that is more secure. I am experimenting with a different format and trying different plugins. I would like to update our present site with a new one. Thus this test site. I would appreciate comments on the site. It isn’t in anyway complete. Think of it as a “work in progress”. On the top right of the home page is a drop-down menu. Click here to visit site.


Here is another short video about post processing. Even if you do not use Photoshop, You might learn how to understand better the difference and use this info with other post processing programs.

Curves VS. Levels

Have a great November and hope to see you all on November 19


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