March 17, 2022 Club Meeting Video

Our March 17 meeting was recorded and is now on YouTube. We still experienced difficulties with the Forest’s WiFi. And the recorded audio was experiencing some echoing. Jay Davis was our speaker. His presentation is on commercial and architectural photography. It was a very interesting discussion.

Thanks to Jay!

Raptor Photos for Forest Display

Greetings Photographers.

We are planning to gather  raptor photos for our next display at the Forest Nature Center.  These should be photos taken at one of our many photo shoots at FF or at one of their raptor programs.  They have a large selection of birds in their aviary and education program.  Please pick out a couple of your great shots to bring to our next meeting. April!

Same requirements as usual.  No mats or frames.  Sizes 8×10, 8×12 or 12×14.  Boarder less if possible.

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