April 2018 Meeting Reminder & Notes

Despite what the thermometer says, spring is here and our club year is nearing its end. But before the year is over, we have some fun events coming up. Here are a few notes of what to look forward to.

Next Meeting

The April meeting will take place on Thursday, April 19th at 7 pm in the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. With the club photo contest on the horizon we’ve taken a suggestion from one of our members and decided to use this meeting to discuss how photographers can critique their own images. The ideas that will be shared may help us all better prepare our entries for the contest. This will be a group discussion so come with your ideas and questions and we’ll all enjoy this educational exercise!

Photo Contest

The annual club photo contest is fast approaching. As noted in the guidelines that were recently published, the contest setup will be Saturday, May 26th at 10 am in the Bellevue University Humanities Gallery. Joe Burns will be our judge this year and the awards and critique session will take place during our meeting on Thursday, June 21st at 7 pm in the auditorium at the Bellevue University Humanities Gallery.

We will use a video slideshow for the critique so members will need to send their entries in to the webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org email. The email should contain the member’s name as well as the name and category for each image submitted. Photos should be sized to 2000 pixels on the long edge and 72 pixels per inch (ppi). This will make the files easier to send via email. If you are unsure on how to resize the image, then please send the full size images.

Photo Displays

Judy Dye, our Photo Display Coordinator, is collecting photos for the displays in the Forest Nature Center and the Bellevue Library. The subject for photos will be Red, White and Blue. Nature based photos will be displayed at the Forest and all other photos will be displayed at the Bellevue Public Library.

The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please. Remember to add your name, the subject and the location on the back of each photo you submit.

Loessfest 2018 Featuring Alex Wiles!

Our esteemed club president, Alex Wiles is about to put another feather in his photographic cap! We are all aware of Alex’s Floodplain project that has been on display in the Baright Gallery in the Nature Center for the last few months. Now Alex’s project will be on display at the River’s Edge Pavilion in Council Bluffs during this year’s Loessfest celebration May 25th to the 28th. Alex will be onsite in the pavilion during the weekend so add this event to your calendar and stop by to support Alex and this awesome honor! For more information on this event, click on this link. Congrats Alex!

Please send all questions/comments to webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org. See you all at the meeting on Thursday!

Peter Carbonell


Fontenelle Forest Photo Club



July 2017 – News & Notes

The dog days of summer are upon us. Though the serious summer heat is upon us, I hope you have found a cool way to enjoy our common hobby, whether it be here or in more pleasant locations.

2017 Photo Contest

With the photo contest now over and the photos taken off display at Bellevue University, if you wish you can still view the 1st and 2nd place photos on display at Fontenelle Forest and the Bellevue Library. If you were unable to pick up your photo when they were taken down, please contact Judy Dye at jbdye@aol.com to make arrangements to pick up your entries.

Summer Meeting for Club Board 

The club’s Executive Board will be meeting soon to schedule the events that will fill our year’s meetings. If you have any ideas for meeting topics and/or events for the upcoming club year, please send them to me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org and I will be sure to present the ideas at the meeting.

Rockbrook Camera’s Tent Sale

The summer Tent Sale at Rockbrook Camera is taking place beginning Thursday July 13th through Saturday July 15th. This sale has some of their best deals of the year. One of the best deals in my opinion is the lens calibration for $30 and camera sensor cleaning for $40. These services normally cost at least twice as much. For more information on the sale go to http://www.rockbrookcamera.com/tent-sale-preview?utm_source=Rockbrook+Camera&utm_campaign=18beda65bf-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07-06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_35d778ea15-18beda65bf-123020377.

Crane Trust Photo Workshops

I recently received an email from Ben Dumas, the Excursion Director of the Crane Trust. The Crane Trust conducts several all-inclusive workshops throughout the year including one at the end of this month. To find out more about this opportunity, go to https://cranetrustexcursions.org/workshops/.

As always, please send any questions to me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org. Otherwise, enjoy your summer and we’ll see you at our next meeting on Thursday, September 21st.

Peter Carbonell


Fontenelle Forest Photography Club


News & Notes – 4/18/16

Spring is here! We’ve made it past another winter and we are now in the home stretch of our photography club year. But even though we only have 3 meetings left, we will finish strong with plenty of interesting and fun activities. In the meanwhile, here’s what’s happening:

Club Business

Last Meeting – Denver Holt Snowy Owl presentation
Last month our normal meeting time was used by the Audubon Society of Omaha and their invited speaker, Denver Holt. For those of us that attended the meeting, we were treated to a very interesting and entertaining presentation by the world renowned authority on Snowy Owls. It was a great and informative evening for all who attended.

April Meeting – Jenny Nguyen from NEBRASKAland Magazine
I am personally looking forward to our next meeting on Thursday, April 21st. Not only because I’m not presenting, but mainly because we will be enjoying a presentation provided by NEBRASKAland Regional Editor Jenny Nguyen. Jenny will talk to the group about her favorite locations and subjects to photograph in Nebraska. She will also discuss the process of getting a story published in a magazine, including pitching ideas, photo selection, writing and editing. Click on the following link to find out more about Jenny.

Photo Displays
We will be collecting photos for our displays at the Nature Center and the Bellevue Library during our April meeting. This month’s subjects are Neon Signs and/or Canines.
Please remember to add your name, the subject and location on the back of each photo you submit. The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please.

Secretary Wanted
Heather Ingraham has served as our club Secretary for a term and a half. She volunteered to serve this current term to make sure that the position did not go unfilled, even though her personal schedule was not going to allow her to attend many meetings. As this continues to be the case, she would like to resign the position and see if someone from the club would be willing to take over her responsibilities.
The responsibilities of the Secretary are to take minutes at the general meetings and sends them to the Webmaster for publishing.  They also schedule two members to provide treats for each meeting and follow up with an email reminder before the meeting.  Also, the Secretary is responsible for asking another member to take minutes if they cannot attend a meeting. The Secretary, as a member of the board, also attends the summer meeting and helps plan the programs for the general meetings.
We will discuss this further during our next meeting so if you are interested in contributing to the club in this capacity, please let an Executive Committee member know, or send an e-mail to webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org.

The Photo Contest is Almost Here!
There is only a month and a half left before it’s time to submit your photos for our annual club photo contest. We’ve had great participation the last few years and we’re hoping for an even better turnout this year.
The show set up will be on Saturday, May 28th at 10:00 am at the Bellevue University Gallery in the Humanities Building and the awards and critique will also be in the gallery on Thursday June 16th at 7pm.
Once you’ve determined which photos will be entered in the contest, please send a copy to me via the webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org e-mail box as we will having our judge, Scott Papek, critiquing the photos as they are projected on screen during the meeting.
For all of the show rules and details, please click on the link below:

Other News

Nik Collection Software is now free!
Recently, the hot news on many photography blogs and podcasts was the announcement by Google that the Nik Collection is now free. What is Nik Collection you ask? It is a set of 7 image editing plugins, which are programs that have to be used from within Lightroom and/or Photoshop. As recently as a few years ago this set of plugins went for as much as $500. But now Google, who purchased the program several years ago has decided to offer it for free. Though Google may no longer be updating the programs, they are professional quality editing tools, and have been widely used by photographers for years.
As I mentioned before, you must have either Lightroom or Photoshop in order to install and use them, but if you do, you might want to check this out. They provide some very powerful and relatively easy to use tools that allow you to perform edits that can take much longer to perform in LR and Photoshop. For more info, go to https://www.google.com/nikcollection/

Omaha Camera Club – Studio and Lighting
The Omaha Camera Club has invited our club members to attend one of their meetup group events. The event is called Studio 315: Studio and Lighting. Two models and lighting will be set up and available for photographers to come in to learn and practice shooting in a studio environment. The event is free and will take place at the The Photo Studio in the Hot Shops Art Center in downtown Omaha at 1301 Nicholas St. For more information, please check out this link:

Educational Resources
So this month instead of posting a video, I’m posting a link to an article with information on some of the best photography related Youtube video channels. I personally subscribe and view videos on several of these channels and I have learned quite a bit from them over the years. Also, the site that hosts this article, Petapixel.com, is one of the leading photography websites and is a wealth of information on its own.

That’s all for now (as if that wasn’t enough)! Please e-mail me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org if there are any questions. Otherwise, we’ll see you at 7pm on Thursday, April 21st at the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center for our next meeting!

Peter Carbonell
President & Webmaster
Fontenelle Forest Photography Club

News & Notes – 1/10/16

Happy New Year!!! The holiday season is now behind us. Again, it’s that time of the year where we as photographers either go out and brave the bitter Nebraska cold, wait for it to end, or if we can, we head to warmer latitudes to exercise our skills. But regardless, winter will quickly give way to spring when we can once again be outside, comfortably shooting the nature we love.

Our holiday pot luck meeting in December was a great time. The food was great and the slideshow was very entertaining. Also a few lucky attendees got to walk away with our door prizes for the night, gift cards for Rockbrook Camera! A big thanks to all of the members who helped make this night a success.

January Meeting

Our next club meeting will be on Thursday, January 21st at 7pm and will be held as usual in the Forest Room of the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. This month’s meeting will consist of short presentations by 4-5 members on their favorite photo destination followed by a swap meet.

For the presentations, I’m looking for 4-5 volunteers who are willing to speak to the group for 10 minutes each about one of their favorite place to take shoot. This could be somewhere local or half way around the world. Here’s the information we would like folks to share:

  • Location
  • Best time of year to shoot there
  • The subjects that are available to photograph
  • What makes it so special for you?


For those who are interested in participating, please send me an e-mail via the webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org e-mail address and let me know that you’d like to participate and the destination you will present. You can also send up to 3 photos that you’d like to present as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.

After our meeting we will be conducting a swap meet! This will be a great opportunity for us bring out cameras, lenses, gadgets, gizmos, books and/or magazines that have been gathering dust and either sell, trade and give them away to anyone interested in trying something new or different. So bring in a box full of items and a pocket full of cash and let’s have some fun. Just remember you have to take home whatever you don’t get rid of.

Also, please feel free to comment in this blog post with descriptions of the items you’ll bring in.

Photo Displays

Judy Dye will be collecting photos at our next meeting for our displays at the Forest and the Bellevue Library. For February/March displays we are looking for images of church windows or images with white subjects, i.e. clouds, snow, white birds, etc…  Subjects for April/May displays will be neon signs and canines (wild or domestic). Please remember to add your name, the subject and location on the back of each photo you submit. The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please.

This and That

  • DoSpace – Have you been thinking about learning more about Photoshop and Lightroom but you don’t want to download it or you don’t have a computer that you think can run it? Well, now there’s a place in Omaha where you can do all of this, and it’s free! DoSpace, located at 72nd & Dodge, is a brand new, one of a kind, technology library. At the DoSpace facility they have, among many other things, many PC and Mac computers available for use and they all have the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite loaded on them, which includes Photoshop and Lightroom. I recently checked it out myself and was really impressed by the facility and the volunteer staff they have on site to help the users with any questions they may have. This facility is the first of its kind in the country and is being operated under grant money that should keep them open for at least 4 years. Take a look at their website, www.dospace.org, or stop by and check it out.


  • Photo Outings – Though it may be hard to believe now, spring is only a couple of months away, so let’s start thinking of some outings that we can organize. Please send me suggestions of places we can shoot as a group, or even better, places where you would like to lead a group for photography! Outings are a great opportunity to talk to your fellow members and share knowledge. If you have any ideas, please send them to me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org.


  • Education Video of the Month – I often try to end these blog posts with an informative video. Here’s a Youtube video from Kelbyone. This 15 minute video discusses what you should think about when getting a tripod, how to create a starburst effect when photographing the sun in an image, and some techniques to keep in mind when shooting waterfalls.

Let me know if there are any questions. Otherwise, we’ll see you all at our next meeting!

Peter Carbonell

Fontenelle Forest Photography Club



News & Notes – 10/9/15

The leaves are starting to change and the daylight hours are waning. Although the temps have been unusually warm, there’s no denying that fall is upon us.
Fall is a great time of year to shoot so I hope we’re getting out and exercising our photographic muscles. If not, hopefully some of the activities in our next meeting will motivate you to go out and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

October Photo Club Meeting

Our next meeting is this coming week, Thursday, October 15th at 7pm and will be held in our usual meeting place, the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. This month I will be conducting a Photography 101 session where we will discuss the basics of the Exposure Triangle (ISO, shutter speed and aperture). We’ll explain how these 3 functions work together and how understanding this concept will help you take better pictures. This will be a collaborative event where we will rely on our more experienced members to help our less experienced members so please bring your cameras and camera manuals (if you can find them).

After the session we will take advantage of the early sunset and warm temperatures and head out behind the building for some night photography fun. So please also bring your tripods and remote release devices if you have them. If you don’t, please don’t let this discourage you as we can find ways to stablize your cameras for long exposures.

Judy Dye is still looking for photos for our displays so please remember to bring in your flower and bird photos for October as well as your barn, butterfly and bee photos for November and December displays. With the leaves changing this is a great time of the year for wonderful barn shots.

Photos should not be framed or matted. Acceptable sizes are 8×10, 8×12 and 11×14. Borderless photos work best. Remember to write your name, photo location and subject on the back of the photos.

Also during the meeting, Doug French will be taking final orders for the club T-shirts. Shirts are $10 and will be delivered during the November meeting.

Last but not least, please remember to bring your club dues this month if you have not done so already. Dues are still $12 for individuals and $20 for family memberships.

Events, Activities and Contests

Pop-Up Photo Exhibit – The Omaha Camera Club is having a one day Pop-Up Photo Exhibit this Saturday, October 10th at the Florence Mill from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. The Florence Mill is located at 9102 N. 30th Street which is just off of the 30th Street exit on I-680, right by the Mormon Bridge. So if you’re looking for something to do head out to the Florence Mill and check out the work of some of our local photographers.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibit – The Durham Museum is presenting an exhibition of 100 awe-inspiring images. The exhibition is the result of a worldwide competition that is conducted by Natural History Museum in London and BBC Wildlife Magazine. The photos will be on display until January 3rd, 2016. For more information check out http://www.durhammuseum.org/experience/exhibits/temporary/exhibit-details.aspx?ID=348

Elevate! Fall Retreat – For those of you interested in learning more about photography as a profession, the Professional Photographers of Iowa (PPI) will be conducting the Elevate! Fall Retreat event on 10/25-26 in Des Moines, IA. Visit http://www.ppiowa.com/elevate/ for more information.

Call to Photographers “Bridges: Sharing our Past to Enrich Our Future” – The Hildegard Center for the Arts in partnership with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and Nebraska State Historical Society is putting out a call for photographs that highlight historic places and often over-looked historical treasures in all 93 Nebraska counties. Submissions are currently being accepted until January 4, 2016. Photos from the submissions will be featured in a state wide traveling exhibition that will coincide with Nebraska’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2017. Images may also be used in travel guides, posters, calendars and other material to promote Nebraska tourism. For more information, visit http://hildegardcenter.org/3864-2/.

2015 Share the Experience Federal Recreation Lands Photo Contest – The Federal government is once again conducting the Federal Recreation Lands photo contest. They are looking for images taken at any of the lands and facilities managed by several federal agencies like the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and more. For information on rules, submission process and prizes, visit http://www.sharetheexperience.org/home.

If you have suggestions or items of interest for the News & Notes, please feel free to send them to webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org.

See you at the meeting this Thursday, October 15th!

Peter Carbonell
Fontenelle Forest Photo Club
President & Webmaster