Revised – Wildlife Safari Park Photo Trek – October 25th!

Alan Brodin has graciously volunteered to lead our first photography outing of the season to the Wildlife Safari Park on Saturday, October 25th from 3pm to 5pm. Here’s the details:

Where:                                Wildlife Safari Park

I-80 off Exit 426

€        There is a Parking Area just past the Wetlands and next to the Eagle Aviary we can meet there and discuss what and where to photo and share some tips to get the best shots.

€        Admission to the Park is $6.50 for Adults and $5.50 for Seniors.

 When:                  October 19, 2014

2:00 PM  – 5:00 PM

What to Photograph

The Safari Park offers a wide variety of wildlife and landscape photo opportunities. There are driving trails that you will be able to see Elk, Deer, and Bison from. There also hiking trails that lead to Wolf Canyon, the Bear Den and a lake. The Eagle Aviary allows you to get close to 4 bald eagles. The wetlands area has several pelicans, turtles, frogs and other native wildlife. There is also the Crane Meadows where you will be able to see Sandhill Cranes, Trumpeter Swans and other birds.

What to bring

Any camera and lens will be fine for this trip. But for some of the areas, a DSLR with telephoto lenses would be a better choice.

Other things to consider bringing are:

€        DSLR or Point and Shoot Camera

€        Wide Angle Lens

€        Telephoto Lens – 200mm – 800mm or anything in between

€        Monopod

€        Tripod

€        Flash

You can let Alan know if you are interested in attending. You can contact him via e-mail at Please provide him a phone number where he can contact you in case there is a change of plans due to weather, etc…

Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Fundraiser this Sunday

Fundraiser for Nebraska Wildlife Rehab
Sunday, October 12, 2014
2:00 PM-6:00 PM
Midtown Crossing
200 S. 31st Ave., Suite 4107 – Located in the circle
facing Turner Park, between Crave and Cantina Laredo
Tickets available:

Focus on Nature is a fundraiser featuring the work of Nebraska photographers
and artists, a silent auction, wine, beer, live music and great food!
Come browse prints, books, and art for sale; bid on the silent auction; and
learn more about what’s happening with Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc.
25% of all art sales and 100% of silent auction proceeds go directly to
NWRI to support wildlife rehabilitation, Wildlife Center
operations, and education.

Send in your Owl Shoot Pictures

Thursday’s Owl Shoot turned out to be a great time, thanks to the wonderful ladies from the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery program. Janet, Deb, Diane and Julianne not only provided us with great subjects to shoot, but also gave very informative presentations on each owl. And the opportunity to watch Janet release a juvenile Great Horned Owl was a real bonus and a special treat.

I know many of the attendees took some great shots at this event so if you’d like to share them on our website, please send up to 3 or your best shots to me via e-mail at Once I have several, I will set up a post for everyone to view. If you know how, please remember to resize the pictures to a maximum size of 600 pixels on the longest side and a resolution of 72 dpi. Barn Owl

Scenic Aperture Photography Workshops

Check out Scenic Aperture’s brand new website and their just released 2014 Workshop calendar.

photography workshops

Here are some highlights:

Scenic Aperture’s 2014 line up of photography workshops includes exciting opportunities for wildlife and landscape photographers. We start the year on a boat for a special Florida Birds workshop where we will shoot nesting activity at mangrove island rookeries off the west coast of Florida. After Florida, we move to Nebraska Birds where we will shoot Sandhill cranes during what has been called one of the world’s great migrations. While in Nebraska, we will venture into the vast interior sandhills to shoot the mating rituals of the rare Greater Prairie Chicken and Sharp-tailed grouse. In December we visit Bosque del Apache for the sunset fly-in and sunrise blast-off of thousands of sandhill cranes and snow geese in the desert light of New Mexico.

In addition to our birding workshops we have three really nice landscape photography workshops on the schedule. In May we go into the backcountry of Monument Valley with our favorite . . .

Read the rest of the story here.

Star Trails

I’m looking forward to our Sandhills Weekend shoot for a number of reasons but one in particular is because I want to try my hand at star trails. I’m told the Nebraska sandhills is a great place for astro-photography because there is very little light pollution out there. If you’ve studied the itinerary, you see we are planning an early start on Saturday well before the sun comes up.

Star trails are new to me so I’ve been doing some research. It sounds like it takes a bit of pre-planning, visualization, and a lot of patience. Also, you have to do some post processing to stack multiple images to get the best effect. So if you want to give star trails a try, here’s the basic equipment you’ll need :

      • DSLR with bulb mode
      • Wide angle to normal focal length lens
      • Tripod
      • Cable release or timer remote
      • Extra batteries
      • Something to sit on for two to three hours
      • Photoshop or other “stacking” software

Here are a couple informative pieces I’ve found on-line:


Don’t forget you need to let me know if you’re planning to attend no later than April 26 and you must reserve your hotel room. Get all the details here.