Christmas Slideshow

December 17 is our next meeting. I don’t have a speaker as yet. I do want our members to send to the webmaster 3 to 4 photos of your choosing. We will do a slide show and the subject is “Anything Goes”. Limit your pixel size to 1500 pixels on the long side. You can start sending now to ME .

Judy needs your Vine photos!

Bring your vine photos for the displays. I think they will go the the Bellevue Library.

Zoom meeting for December 17

We will attempt to do another zoom meeting. I will have our digital projector at the forest for those that come in person and will share the photos from a laptop. I will minimize audio to avoid feedback and echo issues. Please keep in mind we are not professionals . Could you guess?

Trying to do a live meeting with members who attend the forest meetings and zoom participants make it more difficult to coordinate all the variables that occur during the meetings. I am viewing Zoom “how to” videos to get a better understanding. So far I haven’t found a tutorial that addresses this problem.

Speaking about audio. We can mute all member’s audio. We can’t un-mute them. Member’s will have the ability to un-mute themselves by pressing their spacebar on their computers. Then they can ask a question or talk about their photos from the slide show. We ask you then to mute your audio by pressing on your spacebar again. You can also do this on your dashboard control bar by clicking on and off the microphone icon on the left end of the dashboard.

Sigma 150-600mm lens

Here is short video about the Sigma telephoto lens. It is the impressions of the photographer that are interesting.

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