Phil Mininni

This was taken at Custer State Park in South Dakota. At that time I used a Canon T2i with kit lens. I now have the T6i and Sue was handed the T2i.

Tell me what I could have done better, Thanks!

Under the microscop
Bridge-Custer State Park

4 thoughts on “Phil Mininni

  1. Phil,
    I like the colors and focus is sharp front to back. An article in Shutterbug (when I subscribed years ago) recommended removing power lines, unless they were part of the intended composition. I had a similar photo (trees) an my architect niece suggested that I crop and get rid of a partial tree (top right corner). Sadly, I have no original thoughts on this one. I will return to see what others have to say.

    • Thanks Steve. At the time I didn’t know how to remove the line. I do now and like the reed in my crane photo I have improved my post processing.

      • Phil,

        I assume that you put this photo up as a trial balloon. I took the challenge literally- what would I do?
        None of the comments and suggestions I post here should be taken as criticism or negative. I think we should all strive to post only constructive thoughts.

        I’m looking for a real challenge photo I can add. Or you can go to my website and give me feedback on all of them!


        • You are right. I used this as a first photo for the “Under the Microscope” page. I hope I get some participation from our members. We need others to submit photos.

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