What are you doing?

In a previous blog I asked what are you doing? And to leave comments below. I would like to go beyond this a bit. I would like to have members send to the webmaster a paragraph or two about what you are doing during this social distancing period we find us in. Also send in some photos of anything you wish to have displayed.

Each submission will be placed in an individual blog post under your name on the website so as other members can see what’s happening with you. Provide information about what you are doing to keep busy. Are there any hints that may be shared with others. Think of this as an assignment to possibly distract you from some of the craziness we all are dealing with. Please stay involved with the club!

I do hope everyone is keeping safe. I know I am less likely to be exposed by going to a park and enjoying the great outdoors than going to the grocery store for food. Did I say that out loud?

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2 thoughts on “What are you doing?

  1. Irene and I are taking alot of walks in the Fontenelle forest and doing bird watching. Haven’t been taking many pics. I’ve also been metal detecting solo and we are working in our garden.

  2. I have continued deleting pictures from my photo library. Out of focus shots, poor composition, and pictures with our son’s old girlfriends! Since January, I have eliminated over 4,000!
    I have also spent time in the yard taking pictures of Lenten Roses (Hellebores), spring bulbs, and cedar waxwings that come to eat the crabapples, cranberries, and drink at the pond. In all cases I have been practicing with manual focus. I am surprised how well this is working out.
    My next project is to take the raw shots off of my computer and store them on two external hard drives. An article my husband Mark found indicated the drives should be two different brands so that the likelihood of both ever crashing at the same time would be very remote.

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