Since we had a presentation on water, photography Judy and Kathleen have chosen “Water” as our next subject for the display down at the Forest. Thanks to Peter Carbonell for the discussion on “water photography”

Members should gather up their best water photos and get them printed. Our next challenge will be to get them them to Judy. I think the best thing to do is to deliver photos to Judy and I.

I don’t want to publish our phone numbers or addresses on this post. If you wish to have your photo put on display contact the webmaster at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org . I will give you either Judy’s address in Bellevue or mine in Omaha. I will also give you our phone numbers.

Today is February 21 and our expected 1/2″ of snow is more likely to be 4″ or more. It is pretty out there, but really I am sick of shoveling. It is frozen water right. Temperatures are above freezing, get out there and take some photos.

I expect to be putting up our photos sometime in March. This should give everyone plenty of time to prepare a photo to be displayed. Once again our subject is “Water” It is up to you to interpret.

Short video for taking pictures with water

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