Tom Boggs

Hi Phil and Photo Club Members,

This pandemic has temporarily taken away our ability to travel and most of my motivation to do anything else.

I am lucky that I can still go to my job at the Omaha Parks Department. The weeds and grass are growing fast so I can mow AND social distance.

We were lucky to get a day trip to Miami with our granddaughter. I’m trying to take her senior pictures. Usually I try to not have people in my pictures so this is something new.

We also got to spend 2 nights in Kearney with the cranes before things shut down. The last photo is from Walnut Grove park on April 7th with the fog.

I hope to see everyone soon. I like the online contest idea if the University does not open back up for the display.


Tom Boggs

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3 thoughts on “Tom Boggs

  1. I wish you would post your photos in the gallery, so they could be expanded and looked at more closely. Beautiful photography!

    • Michele, I agree with you. I initially posted Tom’s photos that way. I have changed the way they are displayed here.
      Phil the webmaster

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