September 16 Meeting

Our next meeting is on Thursday September 16. I tried to get a couple of interested speakers to present something for this night. Unfortunately their schedules were full up that evening. They want to present something to the club. I will schedule with them for something in the new year. Sooooo, let’s do a summer slideshow presentation. Send 3-4 photos of your best summer pictures. Send to webmaster your summer pictures. Short notice yes, but because of your President’s procrastination, I do what I can in spite of his poor habits. I will put your photos on a thumb drive and when put on the big screen, we ask that you tell us something about the picture.

Dues will be due at the meeting. Kathleen will take your money and give you a receipt if needed. $12 dollars for membership. $20 dollars for the family.

The Fontenelle Forest display photos will be collected at the meeting.

The September meeting will not have a Zoom call due to previous discussions on technical difficulties. The board had a rambunctious meeting about “to be or not to be Zoomed ” I would like to get our members involved with helping out by educating themselves about how to Zoom and perhaps be willing to take on the responsibilities of being cameraman, audio and video technician and getting us the ability to hold Zoom meetings at the same time as our in-person meetings are being held. Another option could be to record the meeting and put it on YouTube for later viewing.

We will open the floor for discussion on where do we go from here as far as a club goes.

Large files

Some of you have had difficulty sending large .jpg files on their email programs. As cameras are more advanced the file size of photos are much larger. You can go to settings in your camera and change the resolution sizes of pictures taken. This may not be what you want to do if you want to maximize the photo for post processing. If you do post process then you can do a “save as” and adjust the size of the photo for sending via email.

Sending photos one at a time might be the easiest way to send them via email. Still if the file is too large your email program will let you know. If this happens, process the photo to make smaller or select a function that your program will adjust photo for the web.

Another way is to save your photo to the cloud, using FTP protocols such as google drive and link that file in your email allowing the recipient to download the photo. A member did that for some of her Forest display photos. Another way is using site to upload your photos and send an email with link via their site to recipient. FileZilla is another site for transferring files. There will be a learning curve on using these avenues. There are a lot of Youtube videos showing how to use FTP programs. You may have to watch more than once to get the feel of it.

Our member’s technical skills run the whole spectrum. Mine seem to be going in reverse the older I get. I will help with your file transfers if I can.

Speaking of Forest and Pink photos

I have received photos for our Pink and Forest displays. I have posted them on the website’s homepage. I could use some more Pink photos. Judy Dye’s team have already put up Pink photos at the Bellevue Library. There are 16 or 17 photos on display. I have only received 8 photos for Pink to be put on the website. Please send your Pink photos to the

We are collecting your forest photos at the September 16 meeting. Please bring them. If you have photos and plan not to attend the September 16 meeting let us know and Judy and her team will try to accommodate you.

Photo Contest

Have you sent your photos into Donna? Donna says;

Please send her your photos in full size files after processing.  I will resize them to the judge’s specifics.

I am getting some small-ish files.  Depending on the size of the files, and whatever email servers require, the photos may have to be sent one or two at a time.

Thank you.


You have till the 12th of September to get your photos in to her. Pat Mingarelli is our judge and he will critique our photos and announce the winners at our October 21 meeting. I will get, from Donna, the photo files after winners are announced and post them on the website.

Winning photo contests, a judge’s perspective

The video below is only 20 minutes long and may not be pertinent with our present contest. But there is some insight on what the judges look at for determining a winning photo.


Please comment below your thoughts below about anything presented in this posting. Hope to see all of you at the September meeting. I am sure I forgot something and will be reminded of it. I will post more next week prior to the meeting with updates, corrections, and good info!


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