November Update


My first thing, I want to let those people from Russia and other parts of the world who register to subscribe to our website is this;

  • I am going to remove you if you are suspect to be non legitimate users.
  • Spammer
  • If you are real persons you can mail me, Webmaster to let us know!
  • We are not interested in XXX, making monies, sunglasses, getting deals,…etc.
  • Spammers are being deleted all the time. Knock it off.
  • I know who are members of the club, so you do not need to confirm.


The forest wants our meetings to be held earlier in the day on our third Thursday of the month meetings. I am inclined not to change. I know when I was still working I could not get to the meetings before 7 PM. Maybe 6:30 PM. Recent staffing changes at the forest has impacted forest operations. The forest still wants us to meet there at the forest. I would like to discuss options at our November meeting. Be prepared to vote on the matter.


We are going to attempt to do another Zoom meeting for the November meeting. We are going to set up a Canon DSLR as a video camera. Brent Headley will set up his laptop to view the proceedings as a quality control monitor. He will let us know if there are problems with the meeting as they happen.

If you want to attend the Zoom meeting and haven’t received an invite, email Webmaster . I will have Kathleen send you the invite.


Eric is trying to rebuild his “treats” list. The original has been misplaced. If you signed up for treats, would you let him know what month you had committed to? Thanks.

Webmaster Backup

Brent Headley is my backup for the website. He is very computer savvy. But WordPress website maintenance is a whole new ball game. He as well as I have no past experience with websites. There is a very long learning curve. I am still learning and speaking of…

I am training on a test domain. Check out the site . It is still a work in progress. I have already been getting comments on the site. Did you know what CBD can do? Yep, spammers have found this site.

Treasurer Report for October

Treasurer’s Report for October 2020

Income:  dues          $228.00

Expenses:  mic         $ 42.79

BALANCE:                 $1.395.16

Eagle Release

Allen Kurth photographed a releasing of an eagle by the forest raptor group. Check out his photos

Macro Photography rails

Here is a short video review of a rail system. Consider it an introduction to a tool for macro photography.

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