Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting, June 21, 2018

About 30 people met at 7:00 P.M at Bellevue University Humanities Center

Vice President Phil Mininni presided.



For September: clouds and anything blue

Nov.: Autumn and churches

Pete mentioned that the club’s website was temporarily down but as of this post the site is back up and running.

Election of Officers: The following officers were nominated and elected:

President: Jay Davis

Vice President: Phil Mininni

Secretary: Eric Scholar

Treasurer: Kathleen Rose

A big thanks to both the new officers as well as Alex Wiles who served as the club president over the last year. Our club would not be as successful and enjoyable without the time that these folks, as well as Judy Dye/Photo Display Coordinator, Donna Gray/Contest Coordinator & Peter Carbonell/Webmaster, dedicate to our programs.

The board will be meeting soon to set the meeting agenda for the upcoming club year. We have received some ideas for meetings, but if you have any ideas please send them to the club email at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org.


The program for the evening was the judge’s critique and results of our annual club photo contest. Joe Burns served as the contest judge and presented the results of the photo contest. The winners of this year’s contest are:

Best Fontenelle Photo Allen Kurth Early Morning Swim
Best of Show Allen Kurth Early Morning Swim
People’s Choice Jim Trojanowski Hungry Chick
Member’s Choice Allen Kurth Prairie Chicken Fight
Advanced Flora 1st – Sue Mininni Petunia
  2nd – Donna Gray Tulips
  3rd – Howard Carson Rivers
HM – Diane Kinney Fun Guys
HM – Jay Davis Climbing Roses
Advanced Scenic 1st – Jim Trojanowski Deadvlei
  2nd – Donna Trojanowski Morning Fog
  3rd – Howard Carson Finish
HM – Steve Carson Sunflowers on the Plains
HM – Steve Carson Backpacker’s Milky Way
Advanced Animals 1st – Allen Kurth Prairie Chicken Fight
  2nd – Jim Trojanowski Hungry Chick
  3rd – Donna Trojanowski Royalty
HM – Donna Trojanowski Dapper Snapper
HM – Howard Carson Evening Walk
HM – Sue Mininni Pelicans Entertwined
HM – Diane Kinney Resting Reflections
Anything Goes 1st –  Linnea Baney Street Mural
2nd –  Donna Turner Autumn Red
3rd –  Diane Kinney Wild Ones
Novice Flora 1st  – Donna Turner Fall Fungus
  2nd – Andrea Kuhn Summer’s End
  3rd – Andrea Kuhn Orchid Shadows
HM – Andrea Kuhn Simplicity
HM – Lorraine Feldhausen Full Moon Rising: Silver Moon Clemantis Bud
Novice Scenic 1st – Eric Scholar Icelandic Black Sand Beach w/Gulls
  2nd – Margaret West Grandstand
  3rd – Margaret West Eueka
HM – Margaret West Aldeyjarfoss
HM – Donna Turner Ride the Wave
HM – Wayne Brill Red Rock Canyon
 Novice Animals 1st – Donna Turner Yellowstone Coyote
  2nd – Phil Mininni Bald Eagle
  3rd – Tom Boggs Oriole
Honorable Mention HM – Emmett Erg Great Egret

Winning photos will be posted on the main page of the website shortly. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Thanks to Lorraine Feldhausen for bringing treats tonight.


Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary and Peter Carbonell, Webmaster.

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