Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting, March 16,2017

President Pete Carbonell called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Approximately 27 members were in attendance.


Pete introduced Andy Crouch as a new member.

Pete mentioned that recently it had been good time to photograph eagles at DeSoto Bend NWR. He also mentioned that the Sandhill Cranes were at their peak in the Kearney area in mid-March. Both are great photo opportunities.

Donna Gray reported on the upcoming club photo contest. Pat Mingarelli will be the judge. Submissions are due at the photo contest show set up on Saturday, May 27th at 10 am in the Humanities Building Gallery at Bellevue University. Photo critiques will be given and awards will be recognized at the June meeting, which will be held in the Bellevue University Humanities Building auditorium. The rules for the contest can be for my clicking here.

Pete again mentioned that candidates are wanted for the election in May. Anyone interested in running for the officer positions should send their inquiries to Pete at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org. A description of the officer responsibilities will be provided in an upcoming post.

Kathleen Rose mentioned the upcoming landscape photo contest by Outdoor Photographer magazine. There is also an upcoming National Wildlife Federation contest and Nature’s best Photography competition. Closer to home is the Loess Hills photo contest with a Sept. deadline.


Judy mentioned that the Bellevue library is requesting photos for a display celebrating the 150th anniversary of Nebraska. They should be of places that reference historical places in Nebraska . Photos should be provided to Judy by the April meeting. The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please. Remember to add your name, the subject and the location on the back of each photo you submit.

Here are the subjects for our usual club photo displays:

For May: Graffiti and flowers

For Sept. Hoof stock and Faces in nature.

In the future photos with a patriotic theme will also be needed.

Also, it was mentioned that Timmy Wright, who gave our February presentation on his printing business, will be making a donation to the Bellevue library of some of his puzzles.


Kathleen reported that there was about $1660 in the treasury. Most expenses have been paid including those for the photo contest.

Next Meeting

Pete discussed the possibility of instead of next month’s indoor meeting we have a photo outing. Some possibilities were Neale Woods, and Holy Family Shrine. He requested people send him suggestions for other possible sites. He will decide where we go based on member input to him. We will likely meet at 6 pm instead of our usual 7 pm in order to give everyone plenty of daylight for photography.

Eric thanked the Dye’s and Donna Gray for bringing treats the last two months.

MARCH PROGRAM: Presented by Pat Mingarelli

 Pat will be the judge for the upcoming club photo contest. Pat is the owner of WildHeart Photography. He has been published in NebraskaLand magazine and other photo magazines. He also teaches photography at Metro Community College. Pat gave pointers on landscape and wildlife photography and also gave tips on what judges look for in submissions to photo contests.

Landscape Photography

  1. Lens selection. A telephoto lens is quite useful not just a wide-angle lens. Regardless of lens a strong anchor in the foreground is important.
  2. Some of the important elements of landscape photography include composition, light (most important), subject matter, contrast (of light, scale and texture), and the photographer him or herself.
  3. Get out early
  4. Scout sites ahead of time.
  5. Use a tripod.
  6. Use a slow shutter speed with water.
  7. Use reflections
  8. Use HDR techniques for high contrast scenes
  9. Macro photography for close up images.
  10. Incorporate people into photo.
  11. Incorporate wildlife.

Wildlife photography

  1. Use a long lenses for birds.
  2. Study behavior
  3. Observe, observe
  4. Get close
  5. Don’t wear bright, but be bright.
  6. Photograph backyard birds
  7. Photograph at eye level.
  8. Be patient.
  9. Don’t bullseye the subject (place in the center of the frame)
  10. Get close.

Overall tips for photo contest Judging

  1. Photo will be eliminated if out of focus, have blown out highlights, poor composition, or bad exposure.
  2. Eyes should be in focus.
  3. Don’t want washed out parts.
  4. You want good composition in your photos.
  5. Make your image different from everybody else’s.
  6. Produce fresh images that reflect your talent.
  7. All elements in an image are added to photo, not subtracted.
  8. Horizons should be level.
  9. Unless well controlled don’t add artificial light.
  10. Images should excite our senses.
  11. Have the appropriate amount of depth of field
  12. The Image should not be cluttered with distracting elements.  

The Meeting was adjourned at about 9:00 P.M.

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary.

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