May 20 Meeting, Birders, LRClassic

May 20 Meeting


Greetings Photo Club Members and welcome back to in person meetings.  Our May 20th meeting will be a raptor shoot in the natural setting of Camp Brewster.  We will plan to start at 6:30 to take advantage of good light.  Phil has included directions on our club website along with more info on the shoot. 

The Fontenelle Forest Raptor Team will bring 3 or 4 of their raptors for us to photograph.

Fontenelle Forest Staff would like a head count of attendees in order to properly set up.  Please RSVP to this message if you plan to attend.  It will be great to see you all in person again.   We will work inside the building if the weather should not cooperate. See previous post “Camp Brewster”


Kathleen submitted for the Nebraska Bird Review


It’s time for the 14th annual color issue of the Nebraska Bird Review,
the quarterly journal of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union.  We are
requesting good quality bird photos for publication in an upcoming

This is not a photo contest, but there are rules:

1. Images must be of wild, free-flying birds and must have been taken in
Nebraska, but you may submit photos taken in prior years.

2. Images must be of good quality: sharp focus and high enough
to look good when printed.  Please do not send low-resolution,
“thumbnail” size images.

3. The subjects don’t need to be rare birds, but images that document
something interesting about a species (behavior, date, nesting, etc.)
are more likely to be selected.

Our special challenge this year is for photos of species with the word
“red” in their common names. Redhead, Red-shouldered Hawk, and
Common Redpoll are all acceptable, as are many other species found in

The name must contain “red”, used to mean the color red. So Reddish
Egret is acceptable, but Eared Grebe is not.  Conversely, a bird
doesn’t need to LOOK red to qualify. A juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker
has no red on it, but is fine and dandy for the Red Challenge.

And then there are birds like the male Northern Cardinal and Scarlet
Tanager, which are undeniably red, but don’t have “red” in their
names. We’d be happy to have your cardinal and tanager images, but
they won’t work for the Red Challenge.

4. A maximum of 5 images per photographer may be submitted.  Please do
not expect us to look through dozens of photos you have posted on a

5. The following information must be provided with each image:


6. The final selection of images to be published is solely the decision
the NBR editors (see #3).

Please email your images to me at

or send me a URL for images posted on a website. If you have a number of
photos posted, please direct me to the specific 5 images you are
for publication.

Contributors will be credited in the photo captions.

DEADLINE: JULY 31, 2021.

Thanks, and have fun!

Janis Paseka
Ames  NE
Editor, The Nebraska Bird Review

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