Congratulations to our photo contest winners. I want to thank our Judge Ken Smith. This is our first time in doing this on line. Another big shout out to Donna Gray for putting this together.

Club Dues

We didn’t bring up dues in September’s meeting because Kathleen was heavily involved with the Zoom process. We will be asking for your dues to be paid at the October meeting. I hope to have training accomplished so Kathleen will take your dues.


Our first meeting for the club’s new year was a success, sort of. It was our first attempt at Zoom meetings. There were a few minor technical issues. If we are to continue to provide Zoom participation, we need to come up with a better way of our audio transmission to the viewers. I made the mistake of getting up from Kathy’s computer and so her microphone in the computer could not pick me up. I do not want to address our members from a chair. I am thinking of using a USB connected microphone. Video is another issue for now. It is a lot of work and Kathleen and Donna deserve a bunch of credit for their hard work in making this happen. I will like to eventually to not do Zoom and have you all attend personally. Fingers crossed.

Thank you to those who commented on their experience with the Zoom meeting below.

If anyone else has experience with Zoom meetings please feel free to offer your input and assistance.

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I have put names of the photographers on their respective photos. I have also labeled the winners and categories won.

Photo Stacking

Member’s asked what this is. I am slightly familiar with its use in astro-photography. Another use is in macro-photography. Because macro-photography and shallow depth of field go hand in hand, photo stacking can be used to stack shots of the same subject taken at different focus points. And when processing is completed your subject is completely in focus.

Steve Carson will give us a presentation about photo stacking during our October meeting.

Comments from Zoom users

Brent H
Phil, Many thanks to Kathleen for the putting together the Zoom meeting. Nice recovery from the technical glitches. It really worked well for those of us at home.
Kathy H
Phil: Even though there were a couple of glitches, I am so glad the zoom meeting was made available.  I would like to see this carried throughout the year.
When anyone else was speaking and away from the computer, it was impossible to understand what they were saying.  A simple solution would be to have any presenter come forward and discuss any business by the computer so that all can hear.
The slide presentation was perfect.  
Since there is a mask mandate in place, the speaker should have kept his mask on.  If I would have been in attendance, I am sorry but I would have left the minute he took his mask off.  I had no trouble hearing anyone else who was at the computer and wearing a mask.
Many thanks to Kathleen and Donna for making the zoom meeting possible. wrote

Thought the photo contest was great. We watched it on Zoom and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks to you, Kathleen, and Donna for forging ahead with the contest!

Allen K wrote

The judge and power point program worked fine because both were in or close to the camera and mic.  The meeting did NOT work because neither the camera or mic were anywhere near Phil.  I don’t think our regular meetings would be worth ZOOMING unless they were a power point or similar format with seated speaker in front of the computer.

Just my thoughts

Meeting Photos

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