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I have removed our Member’s Forum page. It was agreed to get rid of it. Due to reasons discussed at our January meeting.


I added a Gallery page with sub-pages for our members to highlight their photos. The portfolio and home page sections require me to scale a member’s photo for display. With Gallery I post your picture(s) as received with no modification by me. This also allows anyone to comment on your photos. Michele Curran is our first member to submit photos. And we already have a comment about her picture of the sandhill crane. Within the Gallery page is a “Under The Microscope” page. The concept originated from a long ago meeting when we would break up in groups. Each of us would bring a photo so our group members could constructively critique our photo. If you are willing to accept thoughts on how to improve your photography, please submit a photo to be placed in this page. We have some very good picture takers in our club. I am sure they would like to help us take better pictures.

This is purely an option for our members to take advantage of another way of displaying your photos. Not everyone has a portfolio. I want everyone to show off their work.

I was asked to place instructions on the home page on how to utilize the Gallery and how to submit photos. I will research on ways to do this. There is already a lot of things on the home page and I am afraid it might just add to the clutter. It may be better to attach a sub-page in the gallery with instructions.

Where We Meet

This is another addition on the home page. It is a google map location page of the forest for the public to see where we meet.


Avatar examples

These are those little goofy pictures next to your name when you log on or make comments on the website. I found a way to change this image to any other image if you want to change. If you wish to have a picture of you as your avatar, send me a small file size .jpg of yourself to me and we can make the change. JPG could also be another cartoonish character, your cat, dog or whatever you want.

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