Camp Brewster

Our next meeting on May 20th will be at Camp Brewster and will start at 6:30 PM. The forest has a scheduling conflict and we lost. Camp Brewster is north of the Fontenelle Forest. I will post a map below.

Raptor Shoot

The forest’s raptor group is going to bring over some birds for us to shoot at the May 20th meeting. The meeting will be one half hour earlier to take advantage of the daylight.  Kathy Fisher will be bring a team with a turkey vulture, a peregrine falcon and a great horned owl, plus a surprise bonus bird.  After  the  photograph session, we’ll have a Q and A  with the handlers and give them our donation toward the bird’s upkeep. The business part of our meeting will be after everyone has gotten their fill of pictures. If weather is an issue, we can take photos inside the building.

No Zoom Call

Our May 20th meeting will be an in person meeting and the subject matter is raptor photography. Having a Zoom call is not logical in this instance.

Photographing Birds of Prey

Camp Brewster Map

Red marker is Camp Brewster

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