A New Year

I want to let everyone know we are back. The forest is letting us hold our meetings at the forest for the time being. Donna and Kathleen is going to try something new, as far as the club is concerned. The are setting up a Zoom call for our members who are not yet comfortable attending tomorrow’s meeting in person. Kathleen has already sent out info to our members for Zoom invitations.

We are taking precautions at the forest. Seating will be spaced out. Treats will be individually wrapped. Speaker will be far enough away from you. If you are attending please wear a mask.

Photo Contest

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to see the contest entries on our website. Some very beautiful photos. Did you vote for your favorite?


Short and sweet! Ken Smith will announce photo contest winners and critique our photos

Short Business meeting

Steve Carson will be our speaker for October 15. He will be discussing the art of “photo stacking”

Rockbrook Camera may be showing off “what’s new” for November. Due to the Covid they have laid off people and closed a store. If they cannot do it I am working on alternative speakers.


I have chosen a video that illustrates some common mistakes when composing shots. I understand one can have a different opinion on what makes a good composition in photography. I am certainly no expert. Please view this person’s video. He also discusses lighting. It is about nineteen and and a half minutes long.

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