Web Site Update

Contest winners, here’s your chance to display your work!

We want to freshen up our web site by posting winning images from our recent photography contest on the home page slide show. All 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and all special category winners are eligible to be included. If you would like your winning photo included, please e-mail it to Frank Comisar no later than Saturday, June 8th. Prepare your files for the web as follows:

      • File type: JPG
      • File name: your_name-image_title.JPG
      • Resolution: 72dpi
      • Size: 1200 px on longest side
      • Color space: SRGB

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the file spec above. I’ll adjust any file if necessary but you’ll save me considerable time if you do it before you submit.

Also, while I’m on the topic of web site update, please remember:

      • All members in good standing are eligible to have an on-line image portfolio on the club’s web site. If interested, contact Frank Comisar for details.
      • All members in good standing are eligible to have a link to their own web site placed on the club’s home page. Let Frank Comisar know if you have one you would like included.
      • If you have any relevant information you would like to distribute to the club, the web site is the best vehicle. Send Frank Comisar the info for posting to the blog ASAP.
      • Let Frank Comisar know if you become aware of any photography related event or cool photo shoot opportunity so it can be included on our on-line calendar.

See you all on June 20!


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