Update June 8, 2020

Hi every one. I hope all is well and you are staying safe. The board approved a donation to the Forest Raptor Team of $300.00. The Fontenelle Forest allows us to use their facilities for free. This is a way to show our support and appreciation to them.

Treasurer’s Report

Income: zip

Expenses:   Contest ribbons,  $167.79

                      Donation to FF Raptor Team, $300.00

May 31 Balance,  $1296.95

What have you been doing?

I am always interested in posting what are members are doing to keep busy during these trying times. Send me any comments you would like to share with our members. Send to webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org

Photo Displays – Library and Forest

Since we have not been able to hang our subject photos at the library and the forest, I was thinking of doing a virtual display on the website. I would have pages set up for the different subjects assigned to us.

The most recent subjects were

  1. Anything Pink
  2. Rocks
  3. Statues
  4. Vines

We have no word yet when we will be able to have access to the library and forest to hang our photos.

E-mail me at webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org your photos. Tell me what the subject is if it isn’t obvious. Where you took the picture.

Bellevue Leader

I have sent a request to the Leader to compose an article about the photo club. I want see if they would write about our website and tell the public what we are doing during the crisis.

Video of the Month

This is the time of the year to start thinking about flower photography. The following short video is about tips for flower pictures. Enjoy!

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