Update 2 – Sandhills Photo Shoot

Despite very sketchy weather, Frank, Nick, Doug, Eric, Peter, Allen, and Richard had a great time at the Fontenelle Forest Photography Club Sandhills Photo Shoot last weekend. In a few days we will post the results of our efforts. But in the mean time here are a few pics of your fellow club members in their natural habitat:

Fontenelle Forest Photography Club

Peter wonders if it is going to rain AGAIN!!! (photo by Doug)


Julianne exploring . . . (photo by Doug)


The group working Fort Falls at Ft. Niobrara NWR (photo by Doug)


I wonder what’s over the next hill? (photo by Doug)

(photo by Doug)


Photomobiles at rest (photo by Doug)


Peter in the stockade (photo by Doug)


Richard gets low for a prairie dog portrait (photo by Doug)


Peter scans the horizon for a hint of rain (photo by Doug)


Frank setting up, hoping to shoot burrowing owls but no joy . . . (photo by Doug)


A flock of FF photogs, rare in these parts (photo by Doug)

Fontenelle Forest Photography Club

Allen with his big glass (photo by Frank)


Doug – Great white hunter (photo by Frank)

Fontenelle Forest Photography Club

One more from Fort Falls (photo by Frank)


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