Thursday Meeting

Hi Photo Club Members.
Our meeting is this Thur., Sept. 18th at 7:00 pm.
The guest speaker is Ron Petak, Editor of the Belleue Leader. Ron will talk about what it takes to publish a weekly paper and will tell the members about a new feature in the paper that he would like our club’s members to help out with. The Bellevue Leader has started a new section entitled “YOU”, which will feature photos taken by the readers. Ron will explain the rules and hoped for goals of this new feature.

We also hope to have some time to share our summer fun experiences. Please pick out 2 or 3 photos, at least one of you, to share. If someone would like to put these on a CD or flash drive for us, please let Allen Kurth,, know ASAP.

Remember that your dues are due at the Sept. meeting and you should be bringing photos for our next displays. These should be photos of Nebraska Historical Sites and Bridges.

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