Star Trails

I’m looking forward to our Sandhills Weekend shoot for a number of reasons but one in particular is because I want to try my hand at star trails. I’m told the Nebraska sandhills is a great place for astro-photography because there is very little light pollution out there. If you’ve studied the itinerary, you see we are planning an early start on Saturday well before the sun comes up.

Star trails are new to me so I’ve been doing some research. It sounds like it takes a bit of pre-planning, visualization, and a lot of patience. Also, you have to do some post processing to stack multiple images to get the best effect. So if you want to give star trails a try, here’s the basic equipment you’ll need :

      • DSLR with bulb mode
      • Wide angle to normal focal length lens
      • Tripod
      • Cable release or timer remote
      • Extra batteries
      • Something to sit on for two to three hours
      • Photoshop or other “stacking” software

Here are a couple informative pieces I’ve found on-line:


Don’t forget you need to let me know if you’re planning to attend no later than April 26 and you must reserve your hotel room. Get all the details here.


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  1. One of the books I own that I really enjoy referring back to is called “Night and Low-Light Photography” by Jill Waterman. It also covers things like taking pictures of stars and has some great examples from about 30 photographers of various night shots. Takes quite a bit more patience and like Frank said, good bit of planning. One thing I’ll add is that depending on effect you’re going for, wind can be quite a factor.

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