Squaw Creek NWR

Hey gang, this is the time of year to visit Squaw Creek NWR. I go several times each year and spend as much time as possible there in late fall and early winter. It is a major rest stop for migrating water fowl each fall and spring, and as such, hundreds of bald eagles also find it a great place to visit too. Their bird count of 11/13/12 indicated 135,000 geese, 201,000 ducks, and 74 bald eagles (these numbers will likely increase toward mid-December). It’s also the only place I’ve ever shot an owl in the wild. If you don’t mind crowds, check out Eagle Days on December 1-2, 2012.

Squaw Creek NWR is located about 7 miles south of Mound City, MO; about 1.5 hours south of Omaha on I-29. It is well worth the drive IMO. It has much more action than DeSoto Bend but does not get nearly as many visitors. It also offers much better access for photography than DeSoto Bend (they don’t close the roads in the fall) and it is free.

There is lots of action until the water freezes after which the migration continues south and things quiet down until spring. Here are a couple of my favorite shots taken at Squaw Creek NWR:




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