September Meeting Minutes

On Thursday, September 18th, 27 members were in attendance.

Allen opened the meeting by welcoming 3 new members and gave a description of the club’s yearly activities.

Allen also announced that Al will be planning some photo club outings every other month. Some possible field trips will be to the Wildlife Safari Park and Neale Woods.  If you have any other field trip suggestions, please let Al know.

Ron Ptak from The Bellevue Leader gave a presentation on how the newspaper industry has changed over the years.  He also introduced a new section of the paper call the “You Page”. If you are a Bellevue resident or have a photograph that was taken in Bellevue, Ron encourages you to submit it to be published.

Please email submissions to

Please include:

Name, Contact Info and Photo Description

The meeting wrapped up with members sharing their favorite photos from the summer.

The October photo challenge is self portrait and highest and lowest ISO.  Please bring your photos on a flash drive to the next meeting where we will enjoy a presentation on drone photography by Bill Black.


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