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  1. HDR Workshop for Fontenelle Forest Photography Club
    By Doug French

    What to bring to the HDR Photo Workshop:
    DSLR Camera with a wide angle lens, The widest you have will be fine.
    Tripod, (cable release or wireless release) can use the timer function if no release.
    Need to know how to put your camera on automatic exposure bracketing, also known as AEB.
    Bring your camera manual if you cannot figure this out, so we can help you.

    Initial camera settings to show up at workshop with already set on your DSLR:
     F14 (F-stop or aperture)
     AV Mode or Aperture Priority
     ISO 100 or the lowest your camera will go
     Large RAW file or Large JPG file (RAW is better if you have computer software to support it)
     2 second timer turned on – even when using a release
     evaluative metering
     one-shot AF (auto focus)
     Auto white balance
     Standard Picture style
     Exposure Compensation (AEB) at -2 stops / 0 stops / +2 stops

    These are Canon settings / Nikon and others may call these settings something else, check your manual that came with your camera to make these settings on your camera.

    To get the free software trial of Photomatix HDR software go to their website. You will need to know if you have a 64 bit or 32 bit computer OS (operating system) on your computer. If you do not know, their website has the info you need to know to find out.

    Download photomatix HDR Trial Software from here:
    Also check out the FAQ section for some answers and tips for HDR photos:

  2. I would have loved to be at this workshop I do appreciate the program on HDR Photography. Is this Church YOu went to open for public view on most days I would like to get to some workshops but my day off is Sunday
    maybe i can make some early on and leave when I need
    thank You for your time Doug in this

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