Scott Papek at the October Meeting

Scott Papek



Scott Papek is a landscape art photographer. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska and has his base in the heartland, where he and his lovely wife enjoy their new twins, but often travel to where the images await capture. He has always been imaginative and a dreamer. His previous life in the music business allowed for his creative juices to flow and took him to California. Scott sensed a call to an alternative outlet of his creativity which would ultimately permit him to share his window to the world.

Scott began a disciplined self-education in La Jolla, where each morning he would rise early and he and his camera partnered to seduce the natural beauty of the area into repeatable inspiring reproductions. Setbacks only seem to motivate Scott and nine months of persistent through-the-lens devotion was rewarded with his first gallery shot.

Scott’s eye for the perfect representation of nature in all her splendor is a far cry from the mundane point-and-click departure from discipline in most of today’s professional and nonprofessional photography genre. Time of day, movement, color, composition, balance, space, light and a unique atmosphere are guidelines for most serious photographers. Scott, additionally, filters all aspects of his craft through the gauntlet of whether the reproduction evokes an emotion. People do not take photos, or buy them or display them for any other reason than they create a sense of reality, and help them relive potent memories, or to dream dreams. There is warmth, beauty and invigoration possible in every carefully captured image and Scott has mastered the endeavor.

Scott most often hears that his images appear to be paintings as they are so colorful and alive. Scott’s obvious passion is evident to anyone with whom he shares his passion for his art. Scott’s diverse portfolio fully demonstrates the strict process of how meticulous he has been to maintain a family of images, all of which he considers his best work.

See you at the meeting!


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