Photo Critique June 18

The Fontenelle photo Club Meeting and Photo contest critique is Thursday, June 18th @ 7 P.M. @ B U Humanities Bld. The meeting and show will be in the auditorium this year.  The Judge has judged the photos and the results are ready. All the photos in the show have been digitized and put into power point presentations.

Winning photos will be announced during the show. Plan to arrive a little early so you can vote for your favorite photo before 7 P.M. (Member’s Choice Award) We will have elections as well to take care of and a short club meeting before the show begins.

I do not think we are to have any refreshments in the auditorium. We want everyone up front during the show so some rows of seats will be roped off. Please sit in the designated areas.

There will be a short 10 minute intermission during the show for refreshments and bathroom breaks. If you recieve a ribbon during the show we ask that you come up on stage to receive it and be recognized by the group. Before you leave for the evening make sure your ribbon is hung beside your winning photograph.

This is an entirely new way of doing the critque so any feedback would be appreciated. Write down your comments on the back of the small pieces of paper by the ballot box and place them in the ballot box.

See you Thursday.


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