Photo Contest Rules 2021

I put out the wrong memo for the contest rules. Sorry about that! Below is the correct info with rules and date.

Date: June 14, 2021

To: The Members of the Fontenelle Forest Photography Club

Re: 2021 “DIGITAL” Photo Contest

From: Donna Gray, Contest Coordinator

Bellevue University has enacted numerous new rules for events held at the University due to Covid 19. The Fontenelle Forest Photography Club’s board has decided to have a digital contest again this year because many of these rules make having an in-person event, the set up or the take down process extremely difficult.

***Only Fontenelle Forest Photography Club members who are up to date regarding Club dues are eligible to enter photographs. If you are unsure of your status, check with Club Treasurer Kathleen Crawford Rose.***

You are receiving this information now so that you have plenty of time to take and decide which photos you want to enter in this year’s digital contest. The contest date for submission of photos will be September 1 – 12, 2021. Please do not submit anything before that date. The critique and awards will follow during the regular October meeting date.

We will be using the same rules for categories that were in effect in past years.

Novice Class”:  This is open to club members who have NOT won a first, second or third place in any individual category, or Overall Show award in prior years’ photography club shows.

Advanced Class”:  This is open to club members who have won a first, second or third place in any individual category, or an overall show award in the prior years’ photography club shows.

No exceptions for class designation.  If any member new or old feels they belong in the advanced class, they are welcome to enter their photos into this class.


  • Scenic/Landscape: Continental US, outside continental US, any nature themed image where the focus or subject IS NOT manmade objects, including urban, city, pets, and Humans.  Must be a nature-based photo taken by a club member.
  • Animals: Any living creature, wild or domesticated, including pets. Not humans.
  • Flora: A photo where the following are the main subject of the photo.  Any flower, plant, fungi or tree.
  • Anything Goes: (Combined category – Novice & Advanced) 

Any photograph not meeting the requirements of the 3 categories listed above.   Also, any photo that is over enhanced or un-naturally manipulated will be entered into this category.

Photos may be moved to another class up to the point of judging for awards if the Contest Judge, Photo Contest coordinator or club president feel an entry was categorized incorrectly at check-in.  These contest rules are their guide, and any corrections to classification are final. Members may review the regular Club Contest Rules (print photos) on the Club website.

Members may enter a total of four photos in the contest. The photos may be split up between categories or all in one category.

Please forward your photos to me in jpg (jpeg) format. Don’t worry about file size. I will take care of any resizing that needs to be done. If you don’t know how to convert to a jpg (jpeg) file, just email what you have, and I will convert as needed. If your files are large, you may need to email them one or two at a time due to email restrictions on file sizes.

Please have your photos to me between September 1 through September 12, 2021 . No earlier, no later. Email them to me at .

There are two ways to let me know the information needed for the contest – depending on the level of your computer skills. If you are not familiar with how to rename a jpg file, simply type the category name, whether you are entering as a Novice or Advanced, the title of the photo and if it was taken at Fontenelle Forest as part of the email. Make sure your name is also included in case it is not part of the email address.

For those who are comfortable renaming files, I have a code that will shorten everything and hopefully, make it easier for you……. and me ? ! After each letter group, put a comma to separate them. And again, please make sure your name is included in the email. If after reading the code, you feel it is too cumbersome, just follow the instructions in the preceding paragraph.

Number – the individual number assigned to each photo entered in the contest

A – Advanced

N – Novice

FL – Flora

SC – Scenic

AN – Animals

ANY – Anything Goes

FF – Taken at Fontenelle Forest

If you are entering a photo of a bird, taken in Fontenelle Forest, and you are a novice photographer…..

Original file name: img_1234.jpg

Contest file name: 53,N,AN,FF,Happy Robin.jpg

Number – the individual number assigned to each contest entry (I will do this.)

First letter – Advanced or Novice Photographer

Second Group – Category – Flora, Scenic, Animals, Anything Goes

Third Group – Taken in Fontenelle Forest (Used only when photo is taken in Fontenelle Forest)

Fourth Group – Title of photo


In each Class and category:   First, Second, and Third Place (18 Ribbons)

Anything Goes Category:  First, Second, and Third Place (Combined Classes) (3 Ribbons)

Overall Show Awards:  Best of Show – all classes, all categories

Club Members Choice – – all classes, all categories

Best Black and White – all classes, all categories

Best Photo Taken at Fontenelle Forest 

Total of 25 Ribbons to be awarded at this Year’s Show

I will be responsible for everything to do with getting your photos to the judge and getting the results. Phil will eventually be putting the photos on the website so everyone can see them. At this point, I do not know how the critique will take place. It will either be via Zoom meeting or possibly in person at Fontenelle Forest, or a combination of these two. It will be decided well before the contest.

Ask questions if you have them and be patient with those of us who are attempting to get it done right!

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