News & Notes – 4/18/16

Spring is here! We’ve made it past another winter and we are now in the home stretch of our photography club year. But even though we only have 3 meetings left, we will finish strong with plenty of interesting and fun activities. In the meanwhile, here’s what’s happening:

Club Business

Last Meeting – Denver Holt Snowy Owl presentation
Last month our normal meeting time was used by the Audubon Society of Omaha and their invited speaker, Denver Holt. For those of us that attended the meeting, we were treated to a very interesting and entertaining presentation by the world renowned authority on Snowy Owls. It was a great and informative evening for all who attended.

April Meeting – Jenny Nguyen from NEBRASKAland Magazine
I am personally looking forward to our next meeting on Thursday, April 21st. Not only because I’m not presenting, but mainly because we will be enjoying a presentation provided by NEBRASKAland Regional Editor Jenny Nguyen. Jenny will talk to the group about her favorite locations and subjects to photograph in Nebraska. She will also discuss the process of getting a story published in a magazine, including pitching ideas, photo selection, writing and editing. Click on the following link to find out more about Jenny.

Photo Displays
We will be collecting photos for our displays at the Nature Center and the Bellevue Library during our April meeting. This month’s subjects are Neon Signs and/or Canines.
Please remember to add your name, the subject and location on the back of each photo you submit. The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please.

Secretary Wanted
Heather Ingraham has served as our club Secretary for a term and a half. She volunteered to serve this current term to make sure that the position did not go unfilled, even though her personal schedule was not going to allow her to attend many meetings. As this continues to be the case, she would like to resign the position and see if someone from the club would be willing to take over her responsibilities.
The responsibilities of the Secretary are to take minutes at the general meetings and sends them to the Webmaster for publishing.  They also schedule two members to provide treats for each meeting and follow up with an email reminder before the meeting.  Also, the Secretary is responsible for asking another member to take minutes if they cannot attend a meeting. The Secretary, as a member of the board, also attends the summer meeting and helps plan the programs for the general meetings.
We will discuss this further during our next meeting so if you are interested in contributing to the club in this capacity, please let an Executive Committee member know, or send an e-mail to

The Photo Contest is Almost Here!
There is only a month and a half left before it’s time to submit your photos for our annual club photo contest. We’ve had great participation the last few years and we’re hoping for an even better turnout this year.
The show set up will be on Saturday, May 28th at 10:00 am at the Bellevue University Gallery in the Humanities Building and the awards and critique will also be in the gallery on Thursday June 16th at 7pm.
Once you’ve determined which photos will be entered in the contest, please send a copy to me via the e-mail box as we will having our judge, Scott Papek, critiquing the photos as they are projected on screen during the meeting.
For all of the show rules and details, please click on the link below:

Other News

Nik Collection Software is now free!
Recently, the hot news on many photography blogs and podcasts was the announcement by Google that the Nik Collection is now free. What is Nik Collection you ask? It is a set of 7 image editing plugins, which are programs that have to be used from within Lightroom and/or Photoshop. As recently as a few years ago this set of plugins went for as much as $500. But now Google, who purchased the program several years ago has decided to offer it for free. Though Google may no longer be updating the programs, they are professional quality editing tools, and have been widely used by photographers for years.
As I mentioned before, you must have either Lightroom or Photoshop in order to install and use them, but if you do, you might want to check this out. They provide some very powerful and relatively easy to use tools that allow you to perform edits that can take much longer to perform in LR and Photoshop. For more info, go to

Omaha Camera Club – Studio and Lighting
The Omaha Camera Club has invited our club members to attend one of their meetup group events. The event is called Studio 315: Studio and Lighting. Two models and lighting will be set up and available for photographers to come in to learn and practice shooting in a studio environment. The event is free and will take place at the The Photo Studio in the Hot Shops Art Center in downtown Omaha at 1301 Nicholas St. For more information, please check out this link:

Educational Resources
So this month instead of posting a video, I’m posting a link to an article with information on some of the best photography related Youtube video channels. I personally subscribe and view videos on several of these channels and I have learned quite a bit from them over the years. Also, the site that hosts this article,, is one of the leading photography websites and is a wealth of information on its own.

That’s all for now (as if that wasn’t enough)! Please e-mail me at if there are any questions. Otherwise, we’ll see you at 7pm on Thursday, April 21st at the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center for our next meeting!

Peter Carbonell
President & Webmaster
Fontenelle Forest Photography Club

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