Nebraska Life Magazine Opportunity

Nebraska Life Magazine is looking for high resolution, well-lit, well-composed and beautiful images from Fontenelle Forest in the winter. These can include landscapes, wildlife, people walking trails or engaged in other winter activities. They’re envisioning scenes from the trees, from the river, grasslands, aerial photos if anyone has them,  wide shots, tight close ups of frosty leaves, a snowflake, hoarfrost, animal tracks in snow, children playing in the snow. It really is limitless. They are looking forward to seeing the beautiful images the photography club members have captured. If you are people in doubt if the photo qualifies- just send it. You can even include images from indoors if it somehow comes through as a winter image.

Images can be emailed to Alan Bartels by August 31. Photographers are free to send small res samples first if they like. Payment will be sent for any images used.

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